Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Household Uses for Toothpaste

1.  Have your kids ever used crayon on the walls?  Squeeze a little toothpaste on a cloth and wipe away.

2.  Brighten white shoe soles with toothpaste.  My daughter has an older pair of sneakers and just a small scrub with toothpaste and the rubber soles were clean.

3. Dingy patio furniture?  Give it a minty scrub.

4.  Whitening toothpaste is a great cleaner for the sink and a deodorizer for the drain.  The next time there is a glob in the sink (every day at my house) grab your sponge!

5.  Deodorize your hands with some toothpaste after cooking with foods such as garlic or onions.

6.  Next time a Barrett won't stay in your daughter's hair try a small dab of toothpaste.  

7.  Use an old toothbrush and some toothpaste to clean your diamonds.  Sparkle city.

8.  Save that old diamond scrubbing toothbrush and use it with a dab of toothpaste next time your nails need de-gunking (word creation alert!).  After a good day in the garden my hands and nails are pretty dang disgusting, even after a good wash  A good toothbrush/toothpaste scrub and I'm good to go.

9.  Coffee table rings anyone?  In our house coasters must be there just to look pretty because no one uses them.  Good thing toothpaste is a cheap fix for those lovely rings.  Use a damp cloth and some paste, wipe and dry with a clean cloth.

10.  Last but not least, use it to brush your teeth! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

What's Your After School Fuel?

In our house, the jump from Summer to Fall is a shock to the system.  Our family goes from lazy unscheduled days to homework and football practices.  My daughter's gymnastics practices return to all evenings except for that dreaded Saturday morning.  Alarms need to be set and lunches need to be packed in advance.

All of the running around after school makes it very difficult to serve a decent meal every night.  Football is after school for my oldest son and my younger son starts practice when my older son is finishing up.  My daughter needs to leave for gymnastics by 4pm three nights a week.  The in and out and driving all over translates to we either eat something that can be prepared fast or we don't eat.  Along with grilled cheese, pancakes, and peanut butter and jelly, I am a huge fan of Bagel Bites.
My kids are very active, and an after school snack doubles as dinner several nights a week.  Cheese and crackers, yogurt and fruits and vegetables aren't enough to satisfy my kids before practices.  They are excellent options for snacks immediately after practice, but I like to give them more of a meal pre-practice whenever possible.  They need fuel to sustain them through running drills and gymnastics routines. After school is my best opportunity to give them a meal, because they are hungry and there is just enough time to digest before they have to hit the field or the gym.
Dinner at 4pm isn't easy but we make it work.  The few times a month I'm prepared I'll get something in the crock pot.  If I have nothing ready after school, I know Bagel Bites can be ready in minutes.  They are made with 100% real cheese, and the dough and tomato sauce are made from quality ingredients.  The biggest win for my family?  My kids LOVE them.  Their friends love them too, which means I keep them fully stocked because I never know how many extra mouths I'll need to feed.
Every mother with kids in school can relate.  
To save $0.75 on your next Bagel Bites product, visit their site for a printable coupon.  Bagel Bites come in several varieties, including three cheese, cheese sausage pepperoni, mozzarella, cheese and pepperoni and supreme.
And now, the fun stuff....
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Friday, August 22, 2014

OMG. Did that Just Really Happen?

I'm having a moment.  This morning I put my last baby on the kindergarten bus.  After the bus pulled away I stood there for a good few minutes and I wasn't sure how I felt.  I had a "did that just really happen?" thing going on.  It was a lot to process. I wasn't sure if I was excited for the freedom or devastated my buddy would be gone all day. 

And then I got my shit together, laced up my sneakers and went for a run.

I ran because many years ago, in between my third and fourth babies, I promised myself I would get my mess in order when my last baby went to kindergarten.  This was after I succumbed to eating Goldfish, Pop Tart edges and leftover Eggos.  I sat at night holding babies and in the morning I pushed babies in shopping carts.  Every baby I fell further and further into the yoga pant lifestyle.  I was knee deep in unnecessary calories and I was clinging to the exercise wagon.  I went in spurts, some weeks I was good, some weeks I just couldn't get the sweat in.

Some weeks I really didn't care.

But I promised myself when my last baby was in school, and the mornings were mine, I would get my act together.  I promised myself that one day, when I had five minutes to think, I would do something for myself.

And so this morning, at 8:03am, I went for a run.

It felt fabulous.

And this afternoon, at 3:05pm, I once again felt fabulous because this face emerged from the kindergarten wing.

Life is all about changing seasons.  After 13 years of constantly being needed, my gears are downshifting.  It's scary to think about focusing on me and my yoga pants.  It's easier and more pleasant to focus on my kids.

They're the fun stuff.

But hey, this working and running thing isn't so bad.  Maybe I'll even find time to dry my hair and wear real makeup.

Happy weekend everyone.