Friday, September 3, 2010

And school is here....

Today was the first day of school.  Regardless of how crazy my little munchkins make me all summer long, this day is always met with, "I wish I had more time...".  More time for snuggles, more time at the beach, more time to swim, more time to do nothing at all.  Yet when I look back on our summer, we had nothing BUT time most days.  Still,  I am forever amazed at how time flies by, faster every year.  Time has flown by so fast I am back at another "1st Day" of school.

Today I sent my first baby to 4th grade.  What scares me about my baby going into 4th grade is that I remember 4th grade. I remember 4th grade with a decent amount of clarity.  I can see my teacher, Mr. Ryan (he LOVED cats), my crush (Scott), even specific moments like when I had to stand in the hall while the class did an experiment clapping erasers together (I was sensitive to chalk dust...).  The memory is astounding, how much it can retain.  So I find myself trying to cope with the fact that my son is at an age that he will remember as an adult.  Scary thought.  Time to be the cool mom I always thought I would be.

Not only did I send my precious 1st baby to 4th grade, I sent my peanut of a daughter into second grade.  I also sent "my little guy" off to kindergarten.  I thank my lucky stars I had another baby, so that I didn't have to deal with my "baby" officially going to school.  I was able to hold my squirming one year old while I put my little punks on the school bus.  This helped tremendously.  Kept the emotions at bay.  Yet I still found myself, driving past the school on my way to Target, getting misty eyed.  I thought of my little 4 year old starting his elementary school experience, and how proud he was to walk onto that bus.  The tears really came from the fact that time has gone the fastest with him.  Every day since he was born has been filled with school activities, sports, laundry, errands, and mundane much so that I blinked my eyes and my "little guy" is in kindergarten.   Time just flies by, every year, faster and faster.  Every day I stop and try to slow it down, yet it keeps flying by. 

The good news is that they all survived the 1st day of school.   I also had a long awaited reunion with Target.  The bittersweet news is that tomorrow they all wake up another day older.  And pretty soon I will be writing about another "1st Day" of school.

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