Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School? Then I'm Back to Baking...

Every year I hang up my baking hat when the weather heats up.  I bake all winter long...I love the aroma that fills the house.  Another bonus to winter baking is standing in front of a warm oven when the temperature outside is below freezing.  But when the weather turns, and the days get longer, my need to fill the house with the smell of cookies in the oven fades.  Standing in front of an oven is no longer appealing.  I actually swear off the oven all together.  When you don't have central air the thought of anything making your house warmer makes you perspire instantly.  My "go to" for summer dinners is cereal, eat out, or turn on the grill.

But now summer is winding down, and the kids are back at school.   So, I decided to break out the mixer.  For me, the thought of my kids coming home from school to homemade cookies is about as "stay at home mom" as it gets. Plus, I am determined that my munchkins will have childhood memories of their house smelling like baked goods.

So with aspirations of sweet aromas filling the air, I was determined to get to work.  But first I put the munchkins on the bus, cleaned the kitchen, ran the laundry, put Moopa down for a nap and took a serious butt kicking from Jillian Michaels. After my shower I greeted the tiny kindergarten bus and my totally awesome kindergartener, LLG.  Once he was settled, the oven went on.

I started with a recipe for Cinnamon Bread I found a few weeks ago.  Again, I had to wait until my sworn break from the oven was over before I could attempt it.  I can safely say, after indulging in a slice, I HIGHLY recommend this recipe.  My munchkins, as you can see, also thoroughly enjoyed it.  The recipe is time consuming, but easy.  I pasted the link below.  

Here is photographic evidence of the deliciousness...
While the bread was rising, I let the kids run wild as I prepared my Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I firmly believe in chewy, gooey, chocolately chocolate chip cookies.  Anything coming out of my oven that is flat, crispy and crumbly makes me feel as though I'm cloaked in failure.  Alas, it only took 10 short years to finally perfect my recipe.  I know my cookies are up to standard when Hubby takes a bite, has to handle the cookie with both hands so as not to lose the other half while biting, and while chewing rejoices, "Oh yea..." 

One day I will share this coveted recipe...but for now I will simply post the finished product.  And then I will sign out and return to my Friday Night Movie.  Until next time...

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