Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Friends Forever

"Mom, what's a BFF?"

"It means best friends forever."

The Gymnastics Queen looked at LLG.  "We're BFF!"  And they certainly are.

They have, for as long as I can remember, been "BFF".  They have always shared a special bond.
After LLG was born, The Gymnastics Queen took to her new little brother like a moth to a flame.  She mothered him, entertained him, guided him and made him play the games she wanted to play.  He obliged.  He still does.
We refer to them as "the little guys".  Their whole lives they've been dragged all over to their big brother's  football, baseball and soccer games.  They've sat through his awards ceremonies and orientations.
At home they play together for hours.  They watch television and sit in the same chair.  I can't imagine sitting this close to anyone when a couch is three feet away.  They choose to.
They sit next to each other on the bus to school.  They share secrets, stories and the "middle child" syndrome.   They make each other laugh.  Where one is the other is.  They are a package deal.  A team.  "BFF".

They fight.  Every ten minutes something is "unfair".  I ignore it completely.

They support each other.  I can not do for one without doing for the other.  They are "my little guys".
One of the most wonderful blessings of a family is siblings.  They know who you are.  They pull for you when times are tough.  They celebrate with you when life is good. They drive you crazy and keep you sane.  It's a complicated relationship.  Beautifully complicated. 

LLG and the Gymnastics Queen are best friends forever.  I have the honor of witnessing them grow up together.  I have duty to guide them as they discover more about life.  Being a "Mama" has brought nothing but magic to my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.  

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