Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dig Deep and Keep Going...You May Just WIN in DOUBLE OVERTIME!

My Sports Fanatic had an incredibly amazing, thrilling and exhausting football game today.

Last night he was nervous.  So nervous his stomach hurt.  This was a BIG game.  Last year this team handed them their only loss of their regular season.  The kids on this team hit hard.  They play rough.  My Sports Fanatic remembered this well.  His teammates did too.

Not sure how much you all know about football, but we only had one first down the entire game.  Our offense was shut down.  Our defense played their little hearts out, keeping us in the game.  Play after play after play.  They ran, chased and tackled.  And tackled. And tackled.  Most of the game our defense was on the field, and by the 4th quarter I don't know how they were still vertical.   This is my little Sports Fanatic playing his heart out. 
Losing this game essentially would have taken us out of the playoffs.  Our team wouldn't have it.  Our defense showed up to play.

Perseverance brought us to overtime.  Overtime is each team getting the ball at the 20 yard line.  We didn't score.  Then they fumbled, we recovered.  They didn't score.  It was a nail biting, back and forth, yard by yard fight.  

In double overtime each team starts at the ten yard line.  Our defense, even after four quarters of football, still had more left.  We held them at the 2 yard line.  Our opponents didn't fare as well with us.  We ran the ball into the end zone. Victory was ours.

If I was able to do back flips I would have.  For two and a half hours this afternoon I watched 21 eight and nine year old boys play their hearts out.  They dug deep and they kept going.  They didn't stop.  They persevered.

Not only were 21 boys celebrating a hard fought football game.  So were the fans. And the coaches.

This is what Coach Hubby looks likes when he is elated.

This is what the Sports Fanatic looks like when he is elated:
And this is what a Mommy looks like when she witnesses her son's team succeed in the face of adversity.  Elation, pure elation.  I wish you all the same this week.


  1. ryan & i read this together & when i told him who the beat he goes "YEAH!!!!!!!!" (pumping fist :)
    SOOOOO proud!!!!!! GOOOOO WIZARDS!!!!!!!

  2. Woot! Woot! LOL! Down went the Middletown Middies!


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