Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The George Saga Continues...

If you don't know who George is, you need to read this:

Trust me, it is well worth it.  Do yourself a favor and catch up on George.

Tonight was Kids Night at McDonalds.  Usually LLG is my date for the evening, but tonight it was the Sports Fanatic.  Football practice was moved to Thursday, and LLG and Hubby derserved some quality time.  As did I with my Sports Fanatic.

Obviously George is a hot topic in our house, with LLG candidly expressing his fear after every encounter at Kids Night.

So as I am ordering our high quality meal, our buddy George runs around the corner.  I whispered to the Sports Fanatic, "Look, that's George...." while I gestured in George's direction.

Sports Fanatic looked at me with wide eyes, smiled, and laughed as he said, "Good thing LLG's not here!"

We were discussing how LLG dodged a George bullet as I went to pay for our nutritious meal.  I looked down to count my dollars...and looked again....and asked the cashier to wait as I took a picture of my dollar...because I couldn't believe my eyes.

Forces larger than me are in on the George saga....and if LLG could read this dollar would give him nightmares.  My poor little nutcase.

And so the Kid's Night saga continues, even in the absence of LLG....

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