Friday, September 24, 2010


I had this story tucked away in my sidebar for weeks, but decided I needed the space for more "decor" for the blog.  Since this story is a keeper, I am posting it.  It will then be filed away in my "family life" category to the right.

Let me tell you about George.

George was in LLG's (Lunatic Little Guy's) preschool class. George had a mohawk.

The real deal mohawk.

He followed LLG around and bothered him. Apparently, he bothered him quite a bit.

Every Tuesday I take LLG to McDonalds for Kids Night. Happy Meals are $1.99. We drop the Gymnastics Queen off at practice and head over to McDonalds for some quality time. Just me, LLG and the Moopa.

A few Tuesdays ago, I noticed LLG peering over the booth. I looked over and saw who I thought was George with his grandparents.

"Why don't you go say hello? Isn't that George from preschool?"

LLG crouched down low. "OH NO! It is George! How did he find me here?!?!"

I laughed for the next hour.

Update: Tonight we ran into George again at McDonalds. Apparently his mother is also a sucker for $1.99 Happy Meals. Naturally, LLG did what any four year old would do in the face of danger. See below.

Read on here....George Saga Continues

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