Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Just Me

Tonight it's just me. 

Hubby will be late and the day has come to an end. 

My lovely sister so graciously offered her "free babysitting" services three nights this week...making my life that much easier (she has NO idea!).  I was able to go to gymnastics in peace on Tuesday, followed by another Back to School Night (when you have 4 munchkins you undoubtedly will have more than one), then to work on Wednesday, and gymnastics again tonight.  Without her help this week may have been impossible.  Muah Auntie B.

I broke down and bought Auntie B a gift card to thank her.  Hope she has a tall stack at IHOP to celebrate an at least a four day stretch of peace (meaning no calls from me asking for her help).

And now the munchkins are fast asleep.  I have two chick flicks burning a hole through my kitchen counter, and ice cream screaming from the freezer.  The air outside it JUST warm enough that I don't need Hubby to warm my side.

To top off this wonderfulness, tomorrow is Friday.  The best day of the week.  Friday means anticipation.  Saturday and Sunday are looming.

Friday means pizza day at school.  Which translates to no making lunches.

It means bedtime is later, and a weekend with the Hubby.

Friday means football is coming.   I watch my Sports Fanatic live his dream on Sundays and then I settle in to good food, family, and lots of NFL.

Friday makes me feel just a tad bit wild.  Like I want to throw laundry to the wind, let the cleaning go, and go to Target.  I'm so bad.

This friday means even more because friends so close they are family are visiting.  Which means laughs so intense my stomach will hurt, and no sound will come out.

But for tonight, its just me.  Me, the ice cream, my chick flicks, and the blog.  And tomorrow, I wake up to a Friday.

It's a beautiful thing.


  1. cheers :)


  2. Ohhhh I so hope you enjoyed your Friday!! Your evening sounds perfect and I love the weekends!! It really is a beautiful thing!



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