Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Lesson from 2nd Grade

I spent my evening updating my blog design.  Thursday is the 1st day of fall, and we are big on decorating in our house.  I couldn't treat my blog any differently. Hope you like it! 

Now, for my Lesson from 2nd Grade....

Last Tuesday I had Back to School Night.  Aside from all the other commitments that evening (read "who's YOUR Clone? for that story), I refused to miss it.  I insist on being an active and involved Mom.  I want teachers to see my face, and to know I am there for my kids.

As I hopped from the kindergarten class to my daughter's 2nd grade class, I was more concerned with signing up for conferences and filling out forms than anything else.  I have sat through many Back to School nights; I know about the folders and the lunch menus.  I know the kids need sneakers for P.E. days.

But as I sat in room 6, half listening to the teacher and looking around the classroom, something above the door caught my eye.  It read,

"Being Nice Matters"

The teacher had handwritten this sign and laminated it.  And of everything in that classroom, that is what I remember.  The bright yellow, handwritten, laminated "Being Nice Matters" sign.

In life, as we get older, manners and kindness sometimes inadvertently lose out to stress and frustration.  We are hurried, rushed, busy and we get annoyed.  We are pulled in many different directions. 

What if we all took that lesson, from the sign above the door in Room 6?  The world would be a much better place.  Did you ever notice how if you approach someone with kindness, they are kind in return?  And if they aren't, they aren't worth your trouble anyhow. 

In our house we reprimand for bad manners; the kids have to make their beds.  They are not allowed to jump on furniture or eat anywhere except the kitchen table.  But there is no greater offense under our roof than cruelty.  If I catch the munchkins intentionally being cruel to each other, they regret it IMMEDIATELY.  The hairy eyeball comes out and they know I mean business.  There are serious consequences for being nasty. 

We are a family, and you will be kind.  You may be angry, but that does not give you the right to be mean.  If nothing else, I aim to send four good hearted, kind people out into this world.  We all know the world could use it.

Be nice today. Be nice everyday. It matters.


  1. Makes you stop and think, doesn't it??

  2. Such a simple sign, and I just stared at it for a few minutes...does make you stop and think. By the way, did u like the "hairy eyeball"? LOL!


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