Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Responding

Lately my computer has not been listening.  I move the cursor only to see it not moving, I type a letter only to see that annoying little blue circle...circling...and circling...

And my computer, ever so politely, adds in parenthesis that it is "not responding".  I immediately want to smash it, to toss it out the window.  I can't, another computer would cost way too much $.  Instead of going the violent, crazed woman route, I hit the keys.  I start the task manager.  I threaten to "end task" the computer would care.  I pretend it would care.  And then I end every task as punishment for it being incompetent.

Unfortunately the small blue "not responding" circle is not limited to the computer.  I see it in my munchkins when they are excited or tired.  I see it in Hubby when I speak to him as he's trying to finish his work or watch TV.  I feel like a small blue circle is just hanging and circling in front of his face. 

There are days when there is a lot of "not responding" in our house.
 With the family, I just pretend they are listening.  Then I walk away.  And a week later, when I am having the EXACT same conversation as the week before, I always add in, "I JUST told you all this the other day!  Weren't you LISTENING???"  (Hubby always gets that line).

My online tasks would be so much easier if my computer would just "respond".  Man, my LIFE would be easier if my munchkins would just respond.  And don't even start me on Hubby.  The famous "non responder".

But I do get it, the "not responding".  When the munchkins get whiny, its 5pm, and the day has been long, I need to make a small, blue circling circle to hang in front of my brain.  The "not responding" circle. How considerate it would be, if we all could just gently warn someone via blue circle hanging from our head, that we are "not responding"?

If I could only figure out a way to invent that I would be a millionaire.

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  1. Maybe we should focus on coming up w/ a new symbol for "not responding" AKA "not listening or don't want to hear it!" :)


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