Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ahhh....and once again...Friday has arrived.

The house is quiet and my DVR is begging for attention.  Along with the laundry, the floors, the pictures awaiting albums....ugh...what doesn't need my attention?  As I typed that a munchkin appeared requiring my attention.  No joke.  He needed an extra goodnight.

I decided tonight was the night I would finally order the 200+ prints that have been living in my kodakgallery since...well...the last time I ordered prints.

As I was viewing them, I was curious to see what my very 1st Kodakgallery photo was....
How appropriate considering I just told Hubby we need to plan a day for apple picking.  Sports Fanatic was three and a half and the Gymnastics Queen was eighteen months.

This is them about a year later....looks like they are about to ambush me for fruit snacks.
This is the munchkins grinning ear to ear that they now outnumber us.
This is LLG at seven months old.  This was the day I took him out of the carseat he lived in and I realized he could sit. I promised him playtime from that day forward.  He has been paying me back ever since...
Which brings us to LLG in a dog cage.  Don't ask.

After digging through my kodakgallery I am back to one of my all time favorite pictures of the munchkins.  This is the "YES! We outnumber them 2 to 1!...Suckas!" Photo.

LLG and the Gymnastics Queen look particularly psyched. may you be psyched.  Its the weekend...Have a good one!

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  1. OMG....That first pic of K & L brought back memories!! OH MY!!!


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