Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There is No "I" in Team

Due to our insanely busy life with our munchkins, and the fact that I now work several nights a week, me and Hubby are like ships passing in the night.  I remember when my oldest two were toddlers I had them in bed by 7pm.  Hubby and I would talk and the house would get straightened up for the next day.  I would grab snacks and settle in for my nightly television lineup. I would get extremely ansy if the clock was nearing 7:30pm and I heard the pitter patter of little feet sneaking out of bed.  No one was to disturb me.  It was "Mommytime", and it was heavenly.

Fast forward to today, and life is drastically different.  Not worse, just different.  As moms we adjust to our situation.  The only constant in our lives is change.  We grow and evolve right along with our kids.  We do what needs to get done.  Now Hubby and I work around football practice, homework, gymnastics practice, work commitments, playdates, parties, and school activities.  When we see a quiet weekend on the calendar we make certain there is beer in the fridge (him), ice cream in the freezer (me) and a good movie on TV.  No good movie?  We whip out the Netflix.  And this has become our routine.  We lay in bed and watch a movie, and if I'm lucky I'm awake to see the end.  If I know on a Monday we have a "Movie Night" that weekend,  just the thought of it puts a smile on my face.  I look forward to it like my kids look forward to mini-golf. 

Not too long ago, I used to not even blink my eyes when Hubby mentioned a business trip (I actually would get rather excited...pancakes for dinner! Chick Flick on bedroom TV!).  Now I cringe.  His absence requires even more planning and organization than normal.  We need to arrange rides to practices and babysitters for the kids so I can work.  I need to have uniforms set out and water jugs filled beforehand.  When I'm flying solo I need to be on the ball or I can kiss punctuality goodbye.  It is hard enough with both of us here to get out the door like civilized people.  Pigs will fly before I arrive anywhere on time, 4 munchkins in tow, without serious prep.

But I'm not complaining.  I'm actually quite grateful for all the insanity.  Life teaches me more every day.  And I have come to the realization (am I really going to admit this?) that Hubby pulls some serious weight around this house.  Every night I work I arrive home to a clean kitchen and laundry either running or sorted.  The kids are in bed, and they are (gasp) even clean.  This wasn't always the case, but when you have 4 munchkins things need to get done. And I count my blessings every day Hubby rolls with the punches of having a big family.  We have all learned the art of sacrifice and the necessity of teamwork.   

So tomorrow I am flying solo.  Hubby has announced an overnight business meeting. I am in charge of school, homework, gymnastics at 5:30, football at 6:00, and of course who could forget Kid's Night at McDonalds with LLG and the Moopa.  Then, after feasting on nuggets and french fries, I will drive back to retrieve the Gymnastics Queen at 7:30 and the Sports Fanatic at 8:00.  We will then arrive home past bedtime, and all hell will break loose.  The arguments about who gets to shower first and who is crowding the bathroom begin.  We will deal with who needs a snack, who needs a drink, and who doesn't have clean pajamas.  After things settle, my bedtime rounds will commence.  After lots of hugs, kisses and discussions, their lights will go out.  Then, house will need to be picked up.  Lunches will need to be prepared.  Much later than I would like,  I will crawl into my bed and curse the cold sheets.

Where is Hubby to warm my side when I need him?

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