Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Morning...

Mornings look the same in my house just about every day.

I make my bed.  Every morning, even if I'm in a rush.  It soothes me.  Don't ask me why...I equate it to controlling something in a house that is out of control....
I hurry downstairs to feed four starving munchkins.  In the middle of toasting up waffles and mixing strawberry milk, I finish making the lunches I started making the night before...
At about 8:20am, the mad rush to catch the bus begins.  It starts with me yelling things like, "Let's go, let's go, move it!  Bus in ten minutes! Move! Move!"  

I sound much like a Drill Sargent.  But we have only missed the bus once so far...this school year.

Once the bus pulls away, I begin the clean up.  I don't leave mess.  It would accumulate so fast in our house it would swallow us whole.  

I wash the dishes.  I do have a dishwasher, but I refuse to fill it every day.  That would mean emptying it every day.  I loathe that job like Hubby loathes tomatoes.  I would rather wash by hand for a day or two and put away small amounts of dishes every 4 hours...
As I am cleaning up the breakfast mess Moopa begins to leave her trail of destruction....

Normally this is when I sit and help myself to an uber exciting 1/2 cup serving of Kashi cereal. 

But this is where this morning begins to differ from a regular morning.  

As I am cleaning, and Moopa is destroying, I find something extremely precious that I tucked away a few days prior....something Hubby brought home for me a few nights ago...
I then do what any semi-sane mother of four would do at 9:45am when she finds marshmallow sticks drowning in milk chocolate.

I pop a can of DC and I eat one for breakfast.

The day was looking pretty awesome right about then.  It still is, as there is still one marshmallow stick left.
I hope you all find a few hidden simple pleasures in your day today.  I know I did.

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  1. If only you could have a marshmellow stick and a FOUNTAIN we are talking :)


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