Friday, September 3, 2010

Tomorrow (well, actually is after midnight...)

Today is my day to clean the house...get things in order after a long summer of ignoring all household tasks as much as possible...

Bus will pull away at 8:40am...I will be waving goodbye at the end of my driveway in my work out clothes (if you put them on you have to work out, its an unwritten law).

As always, kitchen needs to be cleaned up after the munchkins enjoy their feast of frozen Great Value (don't you just LOVE great values?) waffles. 

I will then carry the laundry to the basement, Moopa in tow.

I will check my ebay once laundry is going full force. Ebay is a wonderful way to fund your child's lunch account.

Once Moopa is napping, I will endure a rigorous Exercise TV on Demand workout (at least 35 sweaty minutes).  My morning will close with a shower and my return to the end of the drive for the kindergarten bus.

I am looking forward to tomorrow...should be a wonderful, lazy day.  No rushing into work at 5:30pm (love you Dave).  I plan on baking my original chocolate chip cookies for a Labor Day BBQ on Saturday.  Check back for pictures of these delectable, took 10 yrs to perfect cookies....

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