Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the Halloween Candy Extravaganza Winner is....

Midwest Mommy! 

After asking the lovely Gymnastics Queen to choose a number between 1 and 13 (removing my comment from the mix) she pondered for a few moments...and then decided on the lovely number 9.  Congrats Midwest Mommy!  Please email an address to send your gift card and box of SNICKERS!  Maybe I will throw in some Aquaphor as well for good measure....(if you read her wonderful blog she is battling a nasty case of eczema.  If you don't read her blog stop by, she is quite entertaining)...

A few other thoughts on my Candy Poll....

53 Readers voted in the Candy Extravaganza, and 13 commented to win the Gift Card.  Thanks to those who commented, and to everyone who voted!  

Kit Kat is the candy bar of choice for Mommyhood readers to snag from their child's treat sacs.  I have to admit I found that surprising.  I thought Milky Ways would have fared better, and 100 Grand Bars.  Tootsie Rolls came out on the bottom, which was no surprise.  I despise Tootsie Rolls.  Give me the good stuff.

Here's a copy and paste from Friday's blog...Mommyhood's stance on candy indulgence for all you fabulous Mommies (and non-Mommies)....

Mommyhood FIRMLY believes that Mommies can indulge in high quality, stashed in coat pocket candies on Halloween ONLY.  After Halloween these treats suddenly have calories.  Those calories will stick to your thighs like stickers from a doctor's office to your car windows.  Good luck getting those suckers off.  Spare yourself the humiliation. Halloween is a one day affair.  As it should be. 

Now go out and snag yourself some candy!  Woot Woot!  Suga' High!

Tomorrow I unveil my 1st Mommyhood Holiday Giveaway!  Wishing everyone a VeRy HaPpY Halloween!  BE SAFE!

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