Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Fun

We had a birthday in our house yesterday.
(To read about my son's birth, which was in the front seat of my car, click here.)

I love how my munchkins LOVE their birthdays.  All kids do.

Presents!  Attention!  Cake!!
I still love my birthday, but that sentiment revolves solely around the "cake" portion of my above statement. 

LLG had a delicious cake.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream, crunchies, fudge and cookie dough.  The leftovers are in my freezer. Which translates to "there won't be any leftovers soon".
For me, the day was special just because it was LLG's day.  For LLG the attention, gifts, goodies and cake are what made the day special.  Oh, and his new Halloween costume he's been begging us for....
Cute, isn't it?  The Gymnastics Queen cried she will have nightmares from this costume.
Being a brother, LLG was thrilled to hear it.  I must say she may not be alone in the nightmare department.

Life is never dull when you have a munchkin like LLG to make things crazy.

T.G.I.F....enjoy it!!

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