Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Complicated Tuesday: The Conclusion

First let me thank my few voters who participated in my little poll...the result of my Tuesday was just as the poll results suggested: Smooth Sailing. 

Moopa napped early, allowing me to run.  I unfortunately struggled through my treadmill expedition due to my complete and total physical fitness neglect these past few days.  But that's the way the cookie crumbles (or shall I say leftover cake crumbles?  Either way, it's crumbling).

The Book Fair was relatively inexpensive.  The munchkins have come to understand there are limits to my wallet, and that there is no money tree sprouting bills in our backyard.  I escaped having only spent $30.00, which with three munchkins is a roaring success.

Moopa only threw one small tantrum protesting restraints during Book Fair hours.  I laid down Mommyhood law and she had to deal. 

Aside from small disagreements over who had how much time playing the Wii after school, there were no major issues between the munchkins.  Hallelujah.

Gymnastics duty meant taking LLG and the Moopa to Kid's Night at McDonalds (catch up on this saga here).  George was present, and it is safe to say LLG was finally recognized.  I stood and watched as LLG circled around our stroller in an effort to remain unseen, and George followed curiously.  I encouraged LLG to just say hello.  LLG disagreed wholeheartedly and told me he needed to "run for his life".  I assured him all would be fine.  He escaped without having to acknowledge George.  And hey, the Happy Meals were new this week.  It's the little things.

Tomorrow I am hoping to hit the oven, but first that will require a trip to the grocery store.  One of the many unfortunate things about colder weather is my non-desire to go outside once the sun goes down.  I could have grabbed groceries while my Gymnastics Queen practiced her little heart out, but I decided against it.  Why?  Because the thought of exiting a nice warm indoor establishment to head back out into the cold parking lot made me want to cry.  And then I would have to walk a cold grocery store.  Then I wanted to sob.

The end result of this post is that we all survived our crazy Tuesday, but we are grocery-less.  Unless Hubby wants birthday cake and Diet Coke for dinner tomorrow I will hit the store.  While that may be my idea of a dinner from heaven, he would just shoot me the hairy eyeball.

Hope you all had an uncomplicated Tuesday.  Wednesday has arrived....

Happy Hump Day! (isn't that just wrong on so many levels?)  Let me rephrase to make more appropriate...

Happy "Over the Hump" Day!  Still sounds wrong but I'll go with with it.  Have a good one!

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