Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Complicated Tuesday

Today is going to be one of those complicated days.  It will bring complications that can only come from being blessed with several munchkins. 

I have one munchkin home with strep throat.  He will be clear to be in public approximately noon tomorrow (24 hrs on antibiotics).

I have two munchkins that I would like to help at the school book fair (at two separate times).  I have Moopa, who needs a nap during the time I need to be at the book fair.  And I have my weakening muscles that need a good run somewhere in the middle of all the Mommyhood Madness. 

I am now thoroughly confused.  I hope you understood some of that because I don't.

My current plan is to run first and hope in vain that Moopa will nap an hour early for me to use the treadmill.  I will then take Moopa and my Sports Fanatic to the book fair.  The Sports Fanatic will have been on meds just shy of 24 hours by then.  For precautionary measures, I will instruct him not to breathe on anyone or touch anything. We will help LLG manouver his first book fair experience. To protect the Book Fair from destruction, Moopa will have to ride in the stroller.

We will then leave the book fair and return an hour later because we all know gas doesn't cost anything anyway. Moopa will once again be restrained in stroller.  I will help the Gymnastics Queen select the perfect books.  I can only pray to the heavens that she is more rational selecting books than she is selecting pumpkins.  No tears until we find the perfect one.  After all, we will be short on time and in a very public place.

I will have approximately 2 hours of downtime before all munchkins have to get homework done and eat an early dinner.  We have gymnastics duty (me) and football duty (Hubby).   We will roll in about 8pm on parenting fumes.

Depending on how all munchkins decide to behave, tomorrow could go one of two ways:

1.  Smooth Sailing.
2.  Mommy Sweat City (check sidebar to see definition of "Mommy Sweat").

In my semi-sane mind I always imagine the former.  It's a coping mechanism.  Always imagine the plan (you MUST have a plan) working smoothly.  Imagine smiles and rainbows and love.  Otherwise you will never muster up the courage to get out of bed.

And when munchkins start to melt, smile and pretend to have it together. Then go home and down a huge piece of leftover cake (or whatever you have handy) and shirk all your household responsibilities for the rest of the day. 

And there you have it.  My Mommyhood secret to keeping some form of sanity.

And I shall keep you posted on the outcome of my "Complicated Tuesday".

For entertainment purposes, lets take a poll.  Mommy Sweat or Smooth Sailing?  Vote to the top right!

Wishing you an uncomplicated Tuesday!

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