Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Confession

I have a confession to make.  I work solely to pay for gymnastics.

Gymnastics is the only (ONLY) activity my little girl has ever loved.  When she was welcomed onto the "team", I couldn't tell her no.  Hubby couldn't tell her no.  And she was estactic.

One important thing to note is that being on any "team" that competes comes with a heavy price tag.  We knew this when she joined the competitive gymnastic team.  We also knew there was no way we could pay for that, our bills, our groceries, other activities and anything else we need.  We would be overextending ourselves.  The only option was for me to squeeze in a job.  Where? How?  This was going to be tricky.  Who would help with the munchkins when I had to work and Hubby had to coach football?  Who would come over when Hubby had a business trip or a dinner to attend?

One word.  Family.  We have been externally blessed to have my mother come over after work to watch the munchkins.  Or my sister (Auntie "B") to so graciously stay at our house when we need her.  Our little Gymnastics Queen owes all of her acquired skills to them.  And she has many acquired skills from four hours of gymnastics a week.

Let me also say that there were many moments I felt overwhelmed by how many favors I had to ask.  I had to let go of my need to control everything regarding my house and munchkins.  There were days I felt like I was running on fumes, and nights when I only saw Hubby to wake him and move him over in bed.  Would I think another Mom was nutty if she told me she worked part time JUST to pay for an activity that was optional?  Probably.  But I cannot take away something my daughter loves.  I can swallow two nights a week and a Saturday at work for any one of my kids.

Today was the Gymnastics Queen's first competition experience.  Her gym held a "mock meet" for all the gymnasts.  A judge came in and they ran through how a meet will go.  I had no idea what to expect.  None.  I know that something might look perfect to me but in "Gymnasticsland" there will be deductions.  Gymnastics is all new to us.  This was never me in my yard.  I have never done a pull up, let alone any activity requiring me to support my body with my arms.
But today my little Gymnastics Queen went to her "meet" and she was excited.  She rocked out and did her best.  And she came home as the "1st Place All Around Champion" in her age group.  Does this mean anything regarding how or if she'll place at her 1st meet in November? NO.  Were we thrilled for her and all her accomplishments?  YES.
But more importantly, I saw the purpose behind my drive to enable her to be on the "team".  I saw her doing something she loves, something she can focus on.  She came home with self confidence and the desire to work harder.  That is what I am working for; I am working to provide my Gymnastics Queen with valuable life lessons.  Work hard. Know how to be on a team.  Keep Focus.  Know the magic of the human body and all it can do.  These are lessons that can only be learned through experience.  I am thrilled my little girl is getting that experience.

What burden do you carry for your family? We are all different as parents but very much the same in our willingness to sacrifice for our families.  Leave a comment!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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