Sunday, October 24, 2010

Football Sunday Update: A Moment

We lost our football game today.  We were defeated.



Before I share my moment I need to emphasize how much work these tiny football players put into their season.  They sacrifice playdates and vacations.  They hustle in the hot summer sun and the frigid fall nights.  They dedicate four days a week to their team. 

They take the losses hard, but they take the "make it to the playoffs" losses harder.

To make matters worse, my Sports Fanatic took a hard helmet to helmet hit with minutes to go in the game.  Thank heavens he is fine, and truly he was just rattled.  And devastated.  And heartbroken.

And he had a headache.

But this moment was about more than losing a game.  It was about giving your all from that first day of practice in August and seeing it through until your last game in November.  It was about taking the loss but not letting it define your season.  It was about our Sports Fanatic needing his Dad, not his "coach".
What I love about organized sports is how much each season teaches my munchkins.  Know how to be part of a team, how to handle a loss with dignity, and how to handle a win with humility.  Understand the sacrifices and know you're better for making them.

Valuable lessons my munchkins learn with every new uniform.  Lessons learned regardless of their team's record or what seed they will be in the playoffs.

Lessons learned through experience.  Those lessons cannot be taught, which is the sole reason they are so valuable.

Wishing you a week full of everything you need, with few headaches and many "moments".

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