Sunday, October 24, 2010

Football Sunday

Today is "Football Sunday".  My favorite day of the week. 

Just so we are all on the same page, here is Mommyhood's definition of "Football Sunday":

Football Sunday n. Day of the week during which one watches football with family and or friends while thoroughly enjoying food without guilt.  Discussions revolving around work are banned, as is any activity that doesn't include retrieving more food.  No sour pusses allowed. 

Everyone in my family awakes on Sundays with the intention of having complete and total disregard for our arteries or waistlines.  We then spend the week with complete and total regard for our arteries and waistlines in preparation for the upcoming Sunday. It's all about balance people.

Food.  Family. Football.  I'll stop there with the F words.

This particular Sunday my Sports Fanatic has a big game.  Today determines the playoffs.  And if you haven't been on our football journey, and you are in the mood for some inspirational tiny person football, here are to links to bring you up to speed:

Dream Big and  Dig Deep.

And here is a picture of my Sports Fanatic making a totally kick butt tackle.  Just because I love when he makes kick butt tackles.
Once tiny person football concludes, the family settles in back at my mom and dad's house for Football Sunday.  This is where I insert that I pray to the heavens above that Fox has made a deal with Cablevision by now.  A deal that doesn't raise my cable bill and a deal that means that when I turn on the television at 1pm, I see big person football.  Maybe I should make this prayer official:

Please heavens above and all that is good and holy, let Cablevision and Fox see the errors in their ways by denying us football (and my sister Glee).  We are hard working folks that look forward to simple pleasures such as football (and Glee).  Thank you heavens, Amen.

I don't feel that is too much to ask.

Family.  Food.  Football.

And I'll say it again, AMEN.

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