Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great Loves

Everyone has great loves.  Mine are my Hubby, my munchkins, ice cream and GIANT soft pretzels accompanied by an ice cold Diet Coke.  You may have read this here on Mommyhood.  I'm a simple girl.

The Moopa has already, at the ripe old age of one, discovered two great loves in her life.  Like her mommy, she is a simple girl.  God bless her.  

The first is her "Lovey".
When Moopa was a few months old she was a restless sleeper.  On a whim I remembered my dear friend KRod used to give her son a "cloth" to sleep with (worn in burp cloths).  I found one to lay next to Moopa's face.  She immediately grabbed it and wrestled with it until she fell into a peaceful sleep. 

That was the day we knew she needed a "Lovey".  She has slept with this pink friend ever since.  She will also drag it all over creation if we don't stash it away in her crib.  
A few months ago Moopa discovered another great love.  The dog.

Once Moopa was mobile, at 9 months old, she would crawl over to Georgia.  She lay on her, sat on her, pulled her tail.  Georgia could care less if a grenade went off two feet away.  Moopa could bother Georgia all day long and Georgia is never bothered at all.  A beautiful pair. 

Much to my dismay, Moopa also loves Georgia's large, fluffy, dirty dog bed. 
This normally drives me nuts.  I just want to grab Moopa and throw her in the tub.  All I see is dog hair.

But today I chose my battles, and I let it go.

After all, in our little circus Moopa has found two great loves.  They calm her.  They let her poke them, lay on them, sit on them and just love them.  Who am I to tell her not to like dog hair?  Or dog beds?  Or a tiny pink bear with a blanket for a body?

Being the fourth baby, Moopa isn't showered with toys.  She isn't dressed in brand new clothes.  But she has what she needs.  It's much less than I could have ever imagined.  Life should always be this simple.

I wish that for all my munchkins.  A simple, satisfying life with everything they need. 

Have a great love?  A night out?  Your family? A dessert? All three?  Leave a comment, Let's see how diverse we all are!


  1. Awwww, they are adorable!

    Life truly goes merrily along if/when we learn to choose our battles.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That picture of your little girl with Moopa up by her nose is so cute! It reminds me of both of my girls...they each have identical silky pink blankets and both of them bundle it up right under their noses. You can see the tension melt away when they do it, it's funny!

    I thought maybe they were the only ones who did this. :)

  3. Oops, sorry, I meant the Lovey up by her nose...just noticed my typo!


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