Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween "Mommyhood" Style

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I am posting this today for a few reasons.  First being that today I will be experiencing much Mommy Sweat as I clap through three Halloween Parades.  I also have the privilege of volunteering in LLG's classroom for their Halloween Party.  More Mommy Sweat.  But there is no better way to know what is up at school than to be in the classroom.  So today I will say, "What up Kindergarten?!?!"

Well, maybe not.

Of course this is only if I survive dressing four munchkins in costumes in time to catch the bus.  This means my butt needs to get out of bed way before it wants to.  My butt likes to sleep.

And since I am working a full day Saturday, and then having a killer Halloween Sleepover with my munchkins and nephews, I may not be vertical long enough to post this Saturday evening.  I will post, but this one took brains. And effort.  My Saturday night post may sound much like Charlie Brown's teacher. 

And since Halloween is "creeping" up on us, here is Halloween "Mommyhood" Style:

BE SAFE.  Stay with your munchkins.  Carry flashlights.  Stay on sidewalks.  You know the drill.

Please please please put something festive on.  I beg you.  I don Skeleton Bell Earrings and a Skull Shirt. Every year.  This year I'm adding a witch hat to my ensemble.  It's the least I can do. I will be sporting this ultra cool Halloween outfit today and Sunday.  I don't think work would like it too much on Saturday.  But I may just sleep in it tonight and roll in wearing it by default.
I feed my little trick or treaters a healthy meal BEFORE peddling for treats.  This makes me feel like Mother of the Year.  My conscience is all warm and fuzzy with the knowledge that my munchkins have a tummy full of healthy fare before they overdose on sugar.

Within reason, I let them overdose on sugar.  I let them be kids.  They can detox November 1st.

I keep an eye on what is handed out at each house.  My older munchkins eagerly open and eat on the go, so I check after each house.  During these checks, I remove any high quality candy such as 100 Grand Bars or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.  I stash them in my coat pockets for later.

Mommyhood FIRMLY believes that Mommies can indulge in high quality, stashed in coat pocket candies on Halloween ONLY.  After Halloween these treats suddenly have calories.  Those calories will stick to your thighs like stickers from a doctor's office to your car windows.  Good luck getting those suckers off.  Spare yourself the humiliation. Halloween is a one day affair.  As it should be.

After trick-or-treating, as I go through the candy, I let my munchkins choose a handful of favorite treats (about 10)  to keep for themselves.  I give them a ziploc or a small container to hold them in.  They then have the freedom to help themselves to their treat stash without having to ask my permission.  Within a week (or a day depending on the munchkin) the treats are gone. But my munchkins LOVE the independence of indulging when they feel like indulging.  And I don't feel like the Halloween Grinch confiscating all their candies as soon as they get home.

The rest of the quality candies go in an OUT OF REACH basket that I pull from for specific occasions such as school lunch treat, cookie dough add ins or Mom needs a friggin' candy bar.  Let's not judge people.

After munchkins are in bed, I go through the candies that weren't up to snuff for my out of reach basket.  I set aside candies to make gingerbread houses or other crafts.  The rest goes in the trash.

And that's how Mommyhood does Halloween.  Any questions?

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