Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hot Water Debacle

I am in a serious hot water debacle.  I went from thinking our boiler needed a good cleaning and service to, "I just wanted to show you the condition inside the combustion tank"..."this boiler has several problems"...."I can fix it, but it's going to be expensive..."

UGH.  Just fix it.  FIX IT!  The fact that the cost will wipe out any hopes of a family vacation this year will sink in later.  After I take a hot shower.  I am officially a grubworm.  I have passed the 24 hour mark without a shower.  Nasty. 

You don't realize what you take for granted until it's gone.

Last night, after the Sports Fanatic finished up his football practice I boiled hot water to give him a bath.  He barely fit in the tub.  He hasn't had a bath in years.  He's a shower man.

This morning I boiled more hot water to wash some dishes.  I can't stand dishes in the sink.  I can't stand any mess quite frankly.  Messes make me irritable.

And since I am stuck here in no hot water misery, I decided I needed a project.  I would bake again but the waistline would begin to suffer greatly.

And since messes make me so irritable, and the bill for the boiler is growing by the minute, I decided to tackle a mess I've been ignoring for weeks.
The Garage.

Let me be frank in saying this IS NOT my mess.  I forced a "spring garage cleaning" on my circus just a few months ago.  I worked Hubby mercilessly; making him lift and move every item out of our garage.  Then we spent hours sweeping, vacuuming, and organizing.

I made him and the kids promise the garage would stay that way forever.

Yea, right.  Just looking at this picture I have to remind myself to breathe.
I feel like I'm showing you my underwear drawer.  This is such a personal, embarrassing mess.

Last Spring I even had bought little shoe cubbies for everyone to place their shoes in.  Every shoe in a cubby is because I picked it up off the floor.

This is where you can find the shoes that I didn't pick up off the floor. (See the lonely purple snow boots neatly placed all the way to the right?  You can guess who is the owner of those.)
You can also find shoes here, on this lovely shelf I asked them to place any shoes on that didn't fit in cubbies.
I could not ignore the garage any longer.  My hot water debacle inspired me to fix something that wouldn't cost hundreds of dollars. 

Here is my garage after I ran through it like an angry tornado, sweeping, organizing and throwing things away.  They should all be happy I didn't throw all of it away, since none of this is mine.
Ahhh, peace.

I think I may have to use a deposit system on the shoe cubby.  Just like when you take strollers at the mall.  You have to put a quarter in to get your shoes out, and if you return them to the cubby you get your quarter back.

I'm pretty sure if I could figure out how to implement a deposit system those quarters would eventually pay for our next family vacation.  Or our next home repair.  Whichever comes first.

Wishing you many hot showers today...and no broken appliances.  Have a good one! 

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