Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leaf Leaping

My munchkins created a very easy game the other day.  I decided to share because of my love for easy and my appreciation for fresh air.

Whenever the munchkins are outside in the fall we rake the leaves into piles for the sole purpose of jumping in them.  This is excellent exercise for me.

Rake in hand; I make a pile.  They jump in it and throw the leaves around.  I re-rake the pile.  They jump in and destroy it.  I re-rake the pile.  I begin to sweat.  This cycle continues.

But yesterday they decided to get crafty.  They made a game.  All munchkins amaze me, how they can imagine and create.  Give a munchkin a leaf pile and they will give you a game.

Their game was quite simple.
Run and leap over the leaves.  If you leap over without destroying the pile, or touching it in any way, you get three points.  If you touch the pile with your foot, you get 2 points.  If your foot in any way disrupts the pile, you get 1 point.
The running and leaping began.  My heart swells every time I see them simply being kids.  Imagining and playing without schoolwork, electronic devices or Mommy entertainment.

They were having so much fun even our neighbor's dog, who we refer to as Marmaduke, wanted in on the action.
Fresh air is vital to my munchkins.  They need to get outside and play, every day.  The energy needs an outlet.  For LLG, his "crazy" needs an outlet.  That boy needs to get his crazies out like I need an ice cold Diet Coke by noon.
Fresh air also recharges me.  When I'm outside with them I'm fully present.  No phone, no internet.  No cleaning.  Just me, the munchkins, and lately, the leaves.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of fresh air, leaves and together time.  Enjoy!

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