Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Entrepreneurs: Homemade Halloween Cards

My Gymnastics Queen was quite disgruntled a few weeks ago when LLG became a Tomato Salesman. (view Tomato Cups for Sale). 

"HE sells tomatoes (gesture towards LLG), and HE sells newspapers (gesture towards Sports Fanatic)...what can I sell????"  (This was expressed in a very whiny, drawn out voice). 

She wanted to make money too, and I understood completely.  I also am very aware of the middle child syndrome (I am one), and I am forever trying to make everything fair.  It never is, but I try.

I also ignored her whines until they absolutely had to be addressed.  Ok, so much for fair...

After much discussion and even more whining, I asked her about Halloween Cards.  She is quite the craft girl.  She loves to make us cards, pictures and bracelets.  We decided on handmade Halloween Cards for her to sell.  Right up her alley, and useful as well.

If my munchkins are going to peddle a product, it must have purpose.  One lesson in selling is having a product worth buying.

I went to Target and in the 1 Spot (everything is $1, for anyone who does not speak Target), they had Halloween ribbon and stamps. I found a stack of color constuction paper, and for $4.00, I had all our supplies.

I already had envelopes laying around from thank you cards and leftover birthday invites.  I took my time sizing the paper to the envelopes and cutting it neatly.  The Gymnastics Queen is about quality.  I would have heard about it if any cards were cut less than perfectly.

That day after school, my little Gymnastics Queen cut, stamped and pasted her cards.  I took deep breaths as my kitchen turned into a card factory.  Clip, snip, stamp, glue....paper flying everywhere...breathe...breathe...
I showed her how to lace the ribbon through the top if you punch holes...I asked her what color paper she wanted pasted on the inside.  We had quality craft time while the boys played in the backyard.
With some guidance my Gymnastic Queen finished four sets of two cards.  We decided to sell them for $0.50/set.  She was thrilled with her creations.  More importantly, she was proud. 

My kitchen was clean again that evening, and her cards sold out by the next afternoon. 

Happy munchkins = happy mommy.  I consider the cards a huge success. 

Now get your munchkins snipping, clipping and pasting...consumers are waiting! 


  1. Can't wait to use mine :) What is Moopa going to sell?? LOL!! :)

  2. fabulous!!! i've got a bunch of scrapbooking stuff that i'd be happy to pass along to the craft queen :)


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