Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lunchbox Fun

I decided to get crafty with my daughter's lunch the other day.  My son, the Sports Fanatic, is a little too old for "craftiness".  He has made my ability to embarrass him quite clear.  Thus, he is not treated to any Halloween Lunchbox Fun.  I reserve all lunchbox fun for the Gymnastics Queen.  She still squeals with delight when I pack a surprise in her lunch.

I decided to keep it simple, which is my motto for Mommyhood.  Simple keeps me sane.

I used a ghost cookie cutter to make a "puzzle style" sandwich.  With a sharp knife I carved "Boo" on bottom left, I used purple Nerds for eyes, and carved the mouth from top piece of bread.

Voila!  Halloween Lunchbox Fun Mommyhood Style.
 While I am on the subject of lunches, I will add my "Mommyhood Stance" on lunch preparation:

All lunches prepared by Moi have three key categories:  Main Course (Sandwich), Healthy Side (Fruit, Veggie, Cheese, Yogurt) and small Dessert (chips, cookies, cupcake, chocolate).

When my munchkins are young enough to believe me, I claim to always know what they eat first even though I am not present at school.  I explain that at any time I can call the school and the school will report to me if dessert was eaten first.

I know, I know, BAD MOMMY.

But this works like a charm, and my munchkins are now in the wonderful habit of eating dessert LAST.  Sometimes fibs are for the good of Mommyhood everywhere.

Baby food is now sold in convenient, small plastic containers.  I wash these and keep a stock pile in my kitchen.  I use them to pack fruit, dips, cookies, cheese, crackers, cereal and anything else that fits inside.  They are wonderful little containers.  They make me so happy.
Reusing these containers is excellent for the environment.  Recycling at its best; no need to make more garbage with plastic bags.  Mommyhood school lunches very rarely have any plastic bags inside.  Everything is packed in a reusable container.

A few other bonuses to reusable containers:

You save $ because you don't need to buy plastic bags every few weeks.

I also find food tastes better stored in these containers.  Keeps everything fresh without that delicious polyethylene aftertaste.

They prevent cookies, cereal and other items from being crushed before they reach their lunchroom destination.  Score!

If you aren't currently purchasing baby food, Glad makes wonderful small containers that are very affordable. 

I have now divulged all my Mommyhood Lunchbox Tips.  Have any to share?  Comment below!


  1. Just stopping by (after seeing your comment on Tasty Kitchen) to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  2. Great post!!! Love the baby food containers - what a handy container for lunches. :)


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