Sunday, October 17, 2010

Neverending Birthdays

The beautiful thing about birthdays when you are 5 is that you get more than one.  You celebrate on your birthday, you celebrate with your class.  Then, you have your party.  For my munchkins birthdays are at least a 3 day affair. 

For LLG, I have always been able to have a huge playdate with my "Mom Friends" have cake and presents and call it a party.  It was a beautiful thing.  This year I knew he was ready for the "real deal".  It was time to get out the wallet and throw the munchkin a party.

So we did.
We had classmates.
 And pin the tail on the donkey.
And party hats.
Then the "animal lady" arrived....
There were squeals of delight.
And more animals.
And more squeals of delight.
And more animals.
 We had friends (and me) eagerly awaiting a giant piece of cake.
And the day finished with munchkins running wild like a pack of wildebeests.
We are officially on birthday hiatus until May.  Hallelujah, Amen.
Now I will sit in a semi-comatose post-birthday state and watch football.
HaPpY SuNdAy!

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  1. Had a great time. Thanks for having us. Wish that we had a "Pat's Pet's" here in PA!!


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