Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Solution: Letter Game!

My munchkins love for me to play outside with them.  I love it too.  Fresh air does wonders for the psyche. 

But there are times (many times) I get a bit tired and I just want to sit in the sun and watch them.  I just want to relax and read a magazine.  But they want my attention.  Then they fizzle out and want to go inside. 

To keep them entertained, I then run around like a lunatic playing tag and I fizzle out and want to go inside.

This past summer it became evident I needed a quick fix to my "play outside" time.  One afternoon when things were getting hairy (as they often do when four munchkins are home over the summer), I came up with the "Letter Game".

We made letters in chalk on the driveway.
I then parked myself in a chair in the sun.  As I tanned myself, I called out a name and a letter.  I also gave instructions such as " LLG, skip to the letter S!".  Once he got there he had to give me a word with that letter. 
I varied the game once all the munchkins were playing (they all wanted in eventually).  They had to make letter sounds or make a sentence.  I added shapes and numbers.  The munchkins had to make silly faces and do dance moves.

We played happily outside while learning valuable lessons about phonics, letter recognition, letter writing and allowing Mommy to sit in a chair.  The munchkins got exercise. We laughed about words they came up with and dance moves they busted out.

This is now the go-to game for the munchkins. It keeps us outside longer and everyone benefits greatly.  I love that it is easily tailored to any age group.  Everyone can play; they can even take turns calling out letters and making up new rules.  The munchkins spend more time outside and I get to chill out and relax.  Easy, simple, and Mom gets a break.

I LOVE easy and simple.  I also LOVE a break.  I also totally love the Letter Game.


  1. You are such a smart woman.....I can learn lots from you :)

  2. Hi there....popped in thru PW's site after I read a comment you posted on her dish pattern (I's early still). I just had to tell you what a great idea this chalk letter game is! I'm totally going to try it when I have the chance (which will probably be tomorrow). Your son writes so well! How old is he? My youngest is 4.5 and doesn't write this well! When I have a few free minutes, I know I'm going to enjoy browsing your site! Have a great day!

  3. I wrote most of these...he does one or two. He just turned 5. He doesn't write this well either so don't feel badly!! :)

  4. What a fabulous idea! So stealing that one! THANKS!

  5. awesome idea - so simple and yet brings so much happiness :) my kids love to draw with chalk too! thanks for linking up. naomi x

  6. Smart Mommy! Sounds like such a fun outside game! It would be fun to see your kids in action!


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