Thursday, October 28, 2010

Supa Cool Halloween Cupcakes

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In case you were wondering, Supa Cool Halloween Cupcakes look like this:
My recent edition of Country Living Magazine featured cupcakes made with fondant.  They were the most perfect looking cupcakes I had ever seen.  I decided I must make them.  It was my calling.

I had never used fondant before.  I passed it many a times at Walmart and Michaels Craft Store, wondering what the heck it really was.  I finally had a reason to unravel the fondant mystery that plagued my existence.

These cupcakes are easy.  A little time consuming, but easy.  You will need Halloween Stamps (mine are from the $1 Spot at Target), food coloring, a small paint brush and Fondant if you wish to embark on this cupcake making adventure.

After LLG arrived home from an exhilarating day at kindergarten earlier this week, he helped me prepare the cupcakes.  As always, I use this recipe: Attention: This is NOT a Cupcake

Look at my Little Lunatic in his skeleton shirt eagerly preparing cupcake mix.  He rocks.

After your cupcakes have been baked and are heavily frosted (as Mommyhood completely abhors a lightly frosted anything)  roll out the mystery that is fondant.  I discovered it is nothing more than a GIANT white Airhead Taffy with a very strange taste. 
I bought a small rolling pin for the fondant, just to be safe.  Didn't want to destroy my Supa Cool 'Cakes with messy fondant.

I rolled out the fondant, and used a 1/4 measuring cup to cut the fondant into circles that would fit nicely my overfrosted cupcakes.
With a small paint brush, I painted my Halloween Stamp with food coloring.  
After I stamped the fondant, I decided to get a little funky and paint around the stamp.  I am now confident I discovered a dessert decorating secret I had missed out on all my baking years.  It is called fondant.
I carefully placed my masterpiece on top of one of the cupcakes. 
Voila, a Supa Cool Halloween Cupcake.  I continued on my fondant decorating adventure, and rolled the sides in sprinkles to "finish" them appropriately.  I equate rolling messy frosted sides in sprinkles to painting the trim.  Makes all the difference in the world, even though you are tempted to call it a day.
 Easy as these are to make, they are that much more impressive.  My munchkins weren't thrilled with the taste of the fondant, but it peels off easily.  They were so cool I almost wanted to put them out as decorations. 


Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Super COOL!! You amaze me everyday!!

  2. These look awesome! So professional looking.

  3. What a great idea! I need to find a cholesterol free recipe so I can do these too!

  4. Very cute idea!

    That looks like Wilton rolled fondant, which tastes nasty. You can make your own with marshmallows and add whatever flavoring you like. That's the only kind my kids will eat. :)


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