Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October...

October...crisp fall mornings give way to warm afternoon sun.  Gold, orange and red leaves tumble from the trees and blanket the grass.  Every day I step outside there is more beauty than the day before.  More colors, more leaves.  More to enjoy.  

October means birthdays in our house.  LLG thinks "fall"  is his birthday.  He celebrates for the season.  I always forget my birthday is also on the horizon...I am too busy with LLG's season long extravaganza.  

October also means Halloween.  For my munchkins, Halloween means magic.  Halloween means excitement. 

For all holidays, the munchkins await the day we head to the storage room and pull out decorations.  I do too.  A festive house is cozy, welcoming.  I love this little guy.  Can't explain it.  My "country ghost"...
Growing up, my mother always dressed us in homemade Halloween costumes.  She paid attention to each and every one of her six kids.  Our costumes were always unique, like us.  She put thought and effort into every one. 

Halloween was never so much about the candy for me. We had the "cool house" was stocked with any snack you could ever dream of devouring.  My mom handed out full candy bars for Halloween.  Remember those houses?  She put those tootsie roll houses to shame. (On behalf of children everywhere I hereby plead for all houses to reconsider tootsie rolls this Halloween. Raisins too. You can do better.)

For me, candy was readily available. I didn't long for a pillow case full of sugar from trick or treating.  I was always the one to quit first.  I hated being cold.  One Halloween I dressed as Tinkerbell.  I refused to wear leggings under my costume.  I was frozen by the time I hit the fifth house.
I happily quit, all the while thinking, "Why am I out here freezing to collect tootsie rolls when I have Crunch Bars at home?"

As a child, October brought Halloween, but more importantly it brought decorations.  It meant planning costumes.  It meant apple picking and pumpkin carving.  Halloween was just one piece of the fall pie.  Call me crazy (many people already do) but I equate a certain smell to autumn.  Fall air is refreshing, rejuvenating.  I love to step outside on a cool autumn evening and smell a fireplace burning.  I could experience that a thousand times and I would still freeze in place and drink up the moment.

For my munchkins the fall season is much the same as it was for me.  Costume discussions begin in September.  Decorations start to trinkle out from the storage room.  Candy corn fills the pumpkin shaped candy jar.  Baked goods are in the oven and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on our television.  

And when Halloween finally arrives, by the fifth house at least one of my munchkins is also frozen.

There's magic in the fall season.  Time slows just a bit, nights are cozy and less chaotic.  Relish and welcome October.  There is so much to experience.

PS...I did not make this costume...this is all my Mom.....she rocks.


  1. Jodie-LOVE this! I can't imagine how you find the time to sit down and do this too! I remember the "big candy bars" at your house and was psyched that we lived so close! The long driveway was worth the walk!

  2. Thanks SO much Carrianne!xoxo

  3. There is only one house that hands out whole candy bars in our town.....the funeral home :) LOL!!


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