Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Things I Never Knew I Had to Teach my Munchkins

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As a parent there is so much I have to teach my munchkins.  Manners are just the beginning.  That's understood.  When you have munchkins, you are prepared to teach them manners.  Kindness.  Morals.  

But until you have munchkins you could NEVER truly understand how much teaching is involved.  Manners, kindness and morals are just the tip of the iceberg.

To keep today's post simple, I am going to compile a list of 10 things I never realized had to be taught until I had munchkins.  I will add to this list as the days go on.  Leave me a comment and I will add yours to the list.  Let's see if we can get to 100 Things We Never Realized Had to be Taught Until We Had Munchkins.

I am also going to call my mother and sing her praises.  She raised six of us and she is still semi-sane.  It's a miracle.

Parenting is such an adventure.  You better arm yourself with a sense of humor or you'll end up in the nuthouse.

Things I Never Knew I Had to Teach Munchkins Until I Had Munchkins
1.  Don't Drop Toys in the Toilet. (Guess you can imagine how my day started).
2.  If you are going to drop toys in the toilet, do me a favor and make sure there is no pee in the toilet.
3.  Close your mouth when you chew.  Close your mouth when you chew.  You sound like a cow. Close your mouth when you chew. Holy Moly, are you still chewing with your mouth open?
4.  Sit correctly in a chair.  This cuts back tremendously on crumbs, spills and my annoyance level.
5.  You only need a small glob of toothpaste to brush your teeth.  Your teeth are the size of rice grains.  
6.  You only need a small glob of shampoo and conditioner.  You are not Rapunzel and I do not own stock in Suave.  
7.  At the very least, you know where your underwear, socks and pajamas live.  Please put them away when there is a pile of laundry in your room.  
8.  Matching clothes is an art.  I have explained to you the art of matching clothes.  Please Please Please match your clothes.  If only for the good of my motherly reputation, match your clothes.  Please.
9. You need to wear underwear. 
10. You only need 1 pair of underwear.  The old ones come off.
The upside of all the lessons I have to teach is the one important lesson my munchkins have taught me.  

Chill out and enjoy the ride.  Aside from instilling kindness and solid morals, the rest is just icing on the cake.


  1. Ugh....teaching them how to blow their nose...The WORST!!

  2. UGH!! Teaching them how to blow their nose....The WORST!!
    Not sure how it posted my comment under Jen???

  3. How strange?? Jen, did u comment the same thing??? TOTALLY...BLOWING the nose! My nine year old still can't do it!

  4. THANK YOU for teaching your kids to chew with their mouths closed. I'm appalled at adults that still eat like cows.

  5. how about "i didn't have any accidents" doesn't count if you wore a pullup UNDER your underwear. cheater.

  6. I never knew I would have to teach my children how to put their clothes in the hamper of the laundry room, yes over and over again I have to remind them that the hamper is not in back of the bath room door...
    Found your blog on mom loop and I love your blog name :)

  7. Hi found your blog on the Sat blog hop, I am now following and would love if you would hop over and follow me at
    Have an awesome weekend!

  8. Ugh! Kids... they do some really strange things! You forgot the: "It is OK to wash the lucky shirt. It won't vanish. Same goes for blanket. And sheet. And pillowcase. In fact, it goes for everything. Stop screaming at me when I try to wash stuff. Life will be OK. You're 14 for crying out loud" LOL

  9. Along the same lines as appropriate amounts of toothpaste and shampoo, I'd add toilet paper. My oldest goes through WAY too much toilet paper!

  10. I just lost the comment I attempted to post... sorry if I double post!

    Don't forget this one: Breakfast dishes left on the little ledge between the sink and the kitchen do not count as rinsed, let alone stacked :)
    Glad it's not just me! Sorry it's you too, lol
    New follower, hope you can visit soon!

  11. make sure you are in the bathroom and the door is closed before pulling your pants down... no matter how bad you have to go potty! (especially when we have company:)


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