Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

In high school, my brother's girlfriend became my best friend.  We were a unit, a crazy group of kids with the world in our hands.

I owe my hometown an apology.

My BFF (Maris) and I would dream about her marrying my brother and how our kids would be best friends.

We dreamed about our daughters growing up together and how we would get our nails done and go shopping.

This dream seems so long ago...I can see it through hazy memories of cutting school and house parties.  Through field hockey games and late night laughs. 

But about 8 years ago, my brother married Maris.  We were on our way.

We were now officially family.

Now we needed daughters close in age.

Fast forward through eight years and five cousins, and we finally had it.  My fourth baby and her third.

Cue Moopa and her cousin, R.
The dream was in sight.  Nail salons and shopping malls.  Lunch dates and boy talk.

Our first few rounds of introductions were hindered by Moopa's bullying issue and her tendency to bite when she got overexcited.  R wasn't interested in that kind of friend.

I couldn't blame her.

But Moopa has grown up a bit, and she was ready to begin a beautiful friendship. 
This Thanksgiving, we got together for our first photo, the four BFF's.
But R had not forgotten Moopa's bullying issue and her biting habit.  

She knew this was her chance.  No one was watching and she was in close range.

Perfect set up for a good hair pull.
Maybe this beautiful friendship will have to wait another year.

Stay tuned.


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