Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Christmas Card Debacle

Yes, I am going there.  It is only November 3rd, and I'm about to open a giant can of Christmas worms.  Every year I have issues with our Christmas Card.  Serious issues. 

If I am only able to select one picture to encapsulate our family for the entire year, which one will it be?  If this is the one card that will represent us, what background will I choose?  Should the dog be included?  Why is LLG's head turned 45 degrees to the side?  Is that a trash can in the background?  Is that a wrinkle on my pants? Wait, I'm not in the picture, why am I seeing my pants?  Where did the right picture go?  Maybe we should take more pictures, after viewing the first 500 none of them are really doin' it for me...

This is where Hubby quietly makes his exit.  He has lived with me long enough to know how to time an exit perfectly.  He has also lived with me long enough to know I will not quit until I am happy with the card.  Which could be hours.  Days.  Years.

And to quote my eloquent Uncle George, "If Mama ain't happy, no one's happy".  Man is that the truth.  Can I offer that up as marriage advice?  I am officially offering that as marriage advice.  Hubbies listen up: 

If Mama Ain't Happy, NO ONE's Happy.  Write that down.

And so with visions of Mommyhood Christmas Cards filling my head, I am embarking on the perfect card quest.  November will pass in the blink of an eye, and before we know it December 1st will be giving me the
hairy "you ready for the holidays?" eyeball. 

I hate the hairy eyeball.  Especially when it involves the holidays.

For photos I am normally a Kodak Gallery girl, but this year I am using Shutterfly.  Time to step outside of my Kodak Gallery Box. And with an opportunity to review Shutterfly designs, I couldn't say no.  Not with my yearly debacle staring me in the face.

Shutterfly (as do other sites) offers folded stationary, flat stationary and flat photo cards.  Remember when cards were all flat photo cards?  My parents hung them by the hundreds on the refrigerator. 

But since I have long admired the look of stationary cards, I am going to get crazy and go for it. 

And after a not-so-quick stroll through Shutterfly's designs:  These two were my favorite.
New Year Card (with my family in the picture, obviously)
And this Starlight Joy Card.  Again, with my family.  Maybe I can try to recreate this exact pose with all my munchkins.  On second thought, maybe not.  If I made them laugh this close to one another Moopa would pull someone's hair out for sure.
Do you send Holiday Cards?  Do you make every effort to find a "just right" picture?  

What do YOU think about these designs? Leave a comment and pick your favorite!  Of course I'll follow up with the finished product, hopefully after a "debacle free" night of picture selection.

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  1. I have had cards designed with three images.

  2. Oh now you have me thinking I need to get started! I always mean to send Happy New Year cards instead of Christmas ones. Thinking this is year is my year ;)

  3. I thought I was the only one who started this early and took so much time finding just the right picture. Getting my 5 kiddo's all to look the right way can get complicated. Thanks for your post!

    Carman crew

  4. I love your writing style :)

    And yeah, I have to agree with pp- that now I'm thinking about xmas cards! :) haha its good though- I am such a procrastinator!!!!

    So... Jimmy Buffett, Disney and little godzillas? haha :) TOO funny!

  5. Like your blog a lot! I, too start with the Christmas cards early. Trying to think of something for this year. We only have one son and I usually just put him on the card. Now that he's getting older it's getting harder to get him to do it. It's so not cool, he tells me. Stopped over from blogfrom Mom Loop Follow

  6. Hi! I am a new follower. I saw you on blog frog and joined your community! So far I love your blog. And, while all of your Christmas cards are beautiful, I really like the Joy one. Can't wait to read more! You can check me out at

  7. I still haven't figured out what to do for our picture let alone a card design. Kudos to you for being way ahead of the game!!!

    I like the second card. I think it's just because I like the star. Stars are cool. Stars rock. :)


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