Monday, November 29, 2010

Eye Issues, Tickets and No Water Pressure

Today was a giant cluster mess.

Our hot water decided it didn't want to have pressure any longer.  The hot water now prefers to dribble from my shower head and faucets. 

I love hot water.  I love hot showers.  I love hot soaks for my laundry that is soiled beyond what I care to describe. 
So my morning began with an extremely lame dribbly hot shower.  Not my ideal washing scenario but I can handle it.  Takes more than that to get this Mama down.

Besides, I had places to be today.

Moopa, my gorgeous little monster, has eye issues.  We went to see a 2nd pediatric ophthalmologist today.  And since I am not fond of driving to unfamiliar places, I asked my father to join me and the Moopa.

Being the wonderful dad he is he obliged.

After picking up my co-pilot, we were headed to the doctor's office.  We happily chatted as I drove down the highway.  We were chatting so happily we missed our exit.

This normally wouldn't be such a problem but the highway we were on only has exits about every 20 miles. 

I had only one option.  Hell hath no fury like a Mother who is late for an appointment with a specialist.

I broke the law.  I made a U-turn in a very inappropriate, illegal place.

My heart was racing the entire time.  I am a rule follower.  I felt terrible about my criminal behavior.

Back in the right direction, I shook it off and continued on my way. 

As my father and I returned to our casual conversation, and Moopa napped in the backseat, I drove down windy highways with very annoying round-a-bouts.

If you have never driven through round-a-bouts thank your lucky stars.  I despise any road that confuses me more than I am on a regular basis.

Due to confusing round-a-bouts I proceeded to make two more heart racing illegal u-turns.  I was now sure I would be pulled over and hauled off to traffic jail.

My munchkins would miss me terribly.

Amazingly I once again flew under the criminal radar.  Almost to my destination I had to cross over a scary, high two lane bridge.  I am not fond of heights.

But I was REALLY not fond of the police officer with his lights on behind me.

Could this bastard really have followed me all this way?  Could he have witnessed my numerous traffic violations and reckless driving?

As the State Trooper directed me to pull over in a rest area I was sure I was toast.  Goodbye family.  See you in a year.

I pulled into the rest area and rolled down my window.  The officer in his fancy police clothes and dopey hat asked if I knew why I was pulled over.  Many recent violations ran through my mind.  I decided to just look confused and innocent.

I waited for the cuffs.

"Your inspection is almost a year overdue..."

WHAT?!?!  How is that possible?  I have driven all year, to and from the beach, every day on my errands in this vehicle.  How could I have skated by all those policemen without ever being noticed?

How could Hubby do this to me?

I sat as he went back to his police cruiser to run my license.  I watched the minutes pass and knew there was no way he would ticket a sweet mommy taking her daughter to the doctor.  Besides, an overdue inspection was nothing compared to what I was really guilty of. 

The bastard returned with two tickets.  One for my inspection and one for my missing license plate I neglected to report after an accident two years ago.

Lovely.  Guess what they say about the end of the month and police writing tickets is true after all. 

After cursing into the air several times and making jokes with my father about the tickets I should have received, I was finally en route to the doctor.

I arrived at the doctor's office just 20 minutes late.  Not bad considering the adventure getting there.

The appointment was a success.  My drive home was uneventful.  Hubby dutifully took the car to be inspected.

I now have two tickets, another eye appointment in three months for Moopa's condition, and no water pressure.

What a day.  Time for pajamas, trashy television and ice cream. I'll skip the lame hot drippy water shower.

Have an awesome Tuesday!  I can only pray my Tuesday is easy.  I think I need a trip to Target to lick these traffic ticket wounds...

Tuesday Blog Hop!
Update:  Tuesday Target trip was phenomenal.  Everything I was hoping for and more.


  1. Hi - Funny post! Those highways sounds like NJ highways! Glad the babe's eyes are good!

  2. OMG!!! I'm so glad that I wasn't w/ you!! I would have pee'd my pants laughing!! Several times I have drove my car w/ the inspection being expired, BUT never got caught!! Go to Target girl and get yourself a big DC!! Don't forget your bday target GC :)
    Love ya!!

  3. Last week I was on the Interstate and my drive shaft exploded. Very irritating.

    Thanks for jumping on the Train with us today. Have a wonderful week!


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