Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gamblin' Fool

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Over the weekend we went away.  It was fabulous.

I don't have many vices.  I don't drink, don't smoke.  I don't care for coffee.

But I love an ice cold Diet Coke, anything covered in chocolate, a huge bowl of ice cream and the roulette wheel.

Man do I love that roulette wheel.  When I walk into a casino and I hear the ding ding ding of the slot machines my blood starts to flow.  I get giddy.

Every year for my birthday I make it clear what I would like is a weekend away at Foxwoods.  We plan to go with friends and hopefully my parents, since my mother is also a roulette wheel addict.

Any Mommy who has children knows how tough it is to get away.  With every child that task becomes more impossible.  Finding anyone you trust wholeheartedly, who is willing to watch your munchkins is like rocket science.  Luckily I am blessed with the most amazingly generous friends and family in the world.  Auntie "B" and Alicia, I thank you with all my gamblin' heart.

I will stipulate here that I no longer recommend Foxwoods.  I am hanging up my Foxwoods hat after very poor customer service and misleading promotions.  Very disappointing.  And I should have warned Foxwoods I was going to call them out on my blog.  Take that Foxwoods.

I don't think they care, but it felt good.

To fund these outings, I tuck money away whenever I can.  I build a small fund.  I bring what I am comfortable with gambling.  Then I toss in an extra hundo with the justification that I don't drink.  I know Hubby spends more than a cool hundred a year on beer.  I've got his number.

Despite having a blast with friends and family, by 9pm Saturday I had lost almost all of the minimal money I brought to satisfy my gambling vice.  My friends and family fared the same.

This is when we take a break to lick our wounds.  There is only one way for my to lick my gamblin' wounds.

I indulge in a different vice.
After ice cream everyone pretty much called it a night.  But I  refused to be defeated.  Armed with a belly full of Ben and Jerry's, in honor of Ozzie, KRock and Hubby, I became a soldier.

My mom and I went back to play slot machines.  We won money back.  I took that money to the roulette wheel.  We found my brother still rockin' away at the craps table on the way.  He joined us.

I worked that roulette table until 3:30am alongside my brother.  Battling my way back from the dead.  I never felt so victorious when I finally brought myself back into the black.  Victory was mine. 

I returned back to my munchkins refreshed from a weekend away, but ready to be home.  I promised them all $$ if I won, and when I handed them each $5 they were ecstatic.  LLG yelled, "I'm rich!" and disappeared to tuck the $ away in his wallet.

I told him not to spend it all in one place.

All yesterday I functioned on fumes.  Today I am back.  Mama's back and ready to clean.  But man did I have a great weekend.

Foxy's baby, one last time.  But never again.  Take that Foxwoods.


  1. Foxy's was fun while it lasted!! Always a great time!! Glad that you could be the soldier for our group :) Love ya!!

  2. I'm a new follower from blogfrog. I love your blog.......very nice!


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