Monday, November 15, 2010

The Gymnastics Meet

Yesterday the Gymnastics Queen competed in her 1st official Gymnastics Meet.  This was a whole new experience for us.  I was certainly never a gymnast.  I have never done a pull up in my life let alone a handstand.

After a year of recreational gymnastics, our daughter joined the "team" this past June.   We have spent the last few months shuffling her to and from practices twice a week.  We have dug deeper into our wallets for a uniform, competition shoes, a dufflebag and special "undergarments".

We also watched as she worked hard in the gym.  And practiced hard at home.

If I had a dime for every time I've been kicked by a spontaneous handstand I could fund our entire Christmas.

All this practicing and money spending has been leading up to this meet.  Hubby and I are gymnastics novices. My only advice to her was don't fall off the beam, point your toes and have a great time. 

It's the least I could do.

The competition was at 6pm on a Sunday night.  This caused a mini-uproar amongst the Mommies.  "6pm? Don't they know it's a school night?  We wont be home until 11pm at the earliest!!"

We universally decided our daughters will just have to be late to school the next day if they needed to rest.

The competition was an hour away.  We drove the dark windy roads and highways, thankful for our GPS.  We arrived and the Gymnastics Queen showed very little nerves.  She's a tough cookie.

I felt some relief when I noticed we were the only team that had 6-7 yr olds competing in the meet.  She would only be competing against the girls on her own team.  We all knew what all our daughters were capable of and we are all friends.
Hubby ever-so-delicately pointed out we could have held the meet at OUR gym and saved ourselves the trip.  And the money.  But the experience of a new gym was worth it for our daughters.

And they had a great time.  

We watched as they spun on the bars, fell off the beam (its a learning experience), vaulted like champions and rocked out their floor routines.
Hubby took the liberty of keeping a tally of all their scores.  There is no surprises in a Gymnastics Meet.  Every gymnast knows where they stand if they watch the scores.  They even post them halfway through.

The whole experience was thrilling.  We were so proud to see her out there, in front of everyone, doing her best.  Shaking off her nerves.  And having a great time.
She ended up with two thirds and two fourths.  This was more than we could have hoped for considering there are girls who have been on this team longer.

The highlights of the evening were watching her compete in all her events, watching her on that podium, and arriving home at 9:30pm to watch some football.
And now, with the 1st official Gymnastics Meet behind us, our lives go back to normal.  There is no juice in the fridge, we have about a 1/2 cup milk left in the jug, and Moopa is destroying the house as I type this in 3 layers of flannel pajamas.

Wishing everyone a totally awesome week.


  1. she's awesome!!! moooooooooove over've got company :)
    see you at target for the restock ;)

  2. That's so great! Your daughter is adorable.

  3. Awesome! What a great sport to be involved in.
    Congratulations to her on the ribbons!

  4. sweeeeet! I was a competitive gymnast for almost 15 years!!! :) I remember those days so well :) I can't wait till my little one gets into it!!! Congrats to your little superstar!


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