Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leaf Paintings

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Fall is in full swing, and every day when I step outside I can't help but marvel at the beauty of the changing leaves.  My sincere appreciation for crisp fresh air, the changing leaves and my desire to keep the munchkins outside enjoying nature inspired these Leaf Paintings.
 Last week I helped LLG and the Gymnastics queen comb the yard in search of leaves that were in perfect condition.  I instructed them to find all different sizes and shapes.  While I supervised their search, and Moopa trucked around like she owned the place, I suddenly found myself walking through piles and crunching leaves. I showed my munchkins how to walk through them and do the same.  I have wonderfully vivid memories walking to and from school, trudging through leaves and stomping on them.  Crunch.  Crunch.  A wonderful fall pastime, along with football games, pumpkin picking and realizing I'm pale again.

Once we had an abundance of leaves in various sizes, we brought them inside and I set up a work station.  Utilizing an old egg carton for paint (egg cartons are excellent for crafts, save them!), I set out paper, water, napkins and brushes.

I traced their arm, from elbow to hand for the tree trunks. 
 We then cut and pasted their tree trunks onto separate sheets of paper.
I then had the munchkins paint a leaf, turn it over and press it onto their "tree".  We covered each leaf with a napkin before pressing to catch any paint that might escape out the sides.
While the munchkins continued feverishly painting and "stamping" leaves, Moopa abused the dog.  Please assure PETA our dog doesn't care when they come knocking later this afternoon.
With the munchkins busy creating leaf pictures (or abusing house pets) I was feeling pretty awesome about our quiet, productive, quality time afternoon. 
 I can handle a (solid) 10 minute clean up if the activity thrills the munchkins for an hour and keeps them QUIET.

And Hubby should thank us for doing our share of leaf pick up, regardless of how small.  Every little leaf counts.

On a separate, completely unrelated note, feel badly for me today.  It is visit the dentist day.  All of us.  Dentist.  Today.  Yup, I told you to feel bad for me.  No, actually you should feel bad for the dentist.  Maybe we'll bring a leaf painting as a "Yes we are a traveling circus and we crowd your waiting room, make noise, wiggle during cleanings and make a mess. Thanks for loving us anyway!" gift.

Because we do love our dentist.  And our leaf paintings.

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  1. These turned out awesome! Love them.

  2. I might have to encourage Ryan to do this project.....at Aunt Jodie's house :) Very cute idea!!

  3. Loads of happy smiles AND an hours play- definately going to try these leave!!


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