Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mommyhood Brownies

I made brownies yesterday.  I was wavering between brownies and Chocolate Chip Loaf.

Brownies prevailed after LLG threw in his two cents.

"Chocolate Chip Loaf? Ewe!"

He's quite eloquent.

I must bake what will be shared by the circus.  Otherwise I would not be able to say, "Well, LLG had some..." when the brownies are gone in 24 short hours.

I was never so happy when my munchkins were old enough to eat baked goods. I could finally bake til' my heart was content and someone would eat it (other than me).  Hurray!

I have made brownies from scratch, and I readily admit I haven't mastered the art of the homemade brownie.  I prefer boxed mix.  I'll add "homemade brownie" to my baking "to do" list.  I'll get back to ya in about five years when I have mastered it. 

Took me 10 years to perfect my chocolate chip cookie.  But man is it a good cookie.

Mommyhood Brownies are simple.  And delicious.  They never fail.  I promise.

Because I believe in dessert with all my heart, I make desserts larger than the average baker.  One box of brownie mix just doesn't cut it in Mommyhood.  You will need two.
 In large bowl, prepare mix according to package instructions.  I use applesauce instead of oil.

Mommyhood secret:  Squeeze approx 3-4 TBLE Chocolate Syrup into the mix.

Pour mix into a heavily greased 9"x13" dish and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.  Make sure center is JUST finished.  Mommyhood abhors dry brownies.  Dry brownies agitate me along with clutter, sticky floors and static.
If edges are baked after the 30-40 minutes but you are having trouble with center, lower oven to 315 until brownie is cooked through.

Once brownie is cooled (after approx 1 hr), I get crazy and top with chocolate icing.
From here I either go M&M's, sprinkles or more frosting.

I went with more frosting.  Fancy style.

With butter knife take vanilla frosting make "lines" across brownie.
 Turn lengthwise and gently drag knife through vanilla frosting.  Repeat.
Voila! Fancy Mommyhood Brownies. 
Dig in an enjoy.  Share if you must.


  1. Love the fancy icing!! They look amazing!!

  2. Those look delicious! I've been doing the applesauce thing, too.. much better than the diet soda trick!

  3. I'm with you on the homemade vs box thing. I just can't win! My goal is to one day fool my husband.

  4. I love your twist on brownies.


  5. I just shared this recipe on Gather and Facebook and Twitter.


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