Monday, November 1, 2010

Mommyhoods 1st Holiday Giveaway!

How curious you must be....

Is the giveaway small or big?

It's Small but so much fun,

A Yellow Mattel Sing-a-Ma-Jig!
I decided it was only appropriate that the #1 Toy of the Holiday Season be my first giveaway.  They are quite entertaining, and I knew I just had to share.

Winner will be selected at random and announced the day before Thanksgiving.  This way the winner can cross this off their Holiday Shopping List!

To enter, comment on this post by answering question below.  **Please make certain your email is either visible in post or through your profile.**

What is one of your Holiday Traditions? Do you have big family meals? Open gifts Christmas Eve? Do you travel?  Stay home?



  1. Well, I do love all of them. First, we don't have a big family but when I was in my country we had a lot of relatives around which made it so much fun! My favorite food that I always look forward too was called " Christmas Bread, which was full of raisins and you eat it with cheese/butter. Love it. We travel quite a bit since, I have family overseas, but my family is visiting me this year, so we are finally celebrating Christmas at home :). We do love opening gifts. I always like to secretly tape the fun moments, especially to see the reactions on my family faces when you get them something, it is priceless. I love your questions and they are really fun to answer. :)
    showmemama at ymail dot com

  2. We have a nice quiet morning at home opening gifts and then usually spend the day at my in-laws. My parents live 1600 miles away and usually come up every other year.

    My favorite tradition that we started last year is operation christmas child!

    bender-family at hotmail dot com

  3. This year is our first year to start traditions! This is the first time out of the 6 Christmas' we have spent together that we won't be going back home! We are going to start with putting the tree up Thanksgiving night and decorating the house like crazy the weekend following Thanksgiving and this year we are going to go on a mini getaway and train ride! We would much rather spend the money on something memorable than a ton of toys that will sit around and not get played with! We are also doing the tradition of getting everyone new PJ's to open Christmas eve so everyone gets to wear their new PJ's to bed and for Christmas morning!

  4. hi! I found your blog through another... it's awesome! :) Check out mine if you have a minute :)

    Our Christmas traditions include church service on xmas eve... a huge morning breakfast, presents, "A Christmas Story," naps, snuggling and a whole lot of warmth :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your giveaway in my blogfrog community! That is soooo cute :)

    We used to travel to visit my family 1 year and then my husbands the next, now with 5 kids that is not so easy. This will be our 4 year of staying home for the Holidays! We invite everyone in our family to come, most of them don't come, but all are welcome :)

    my emails is[at]

  6. We usually love having Thanksgiving on the ranch. We order dinner from a local catering company and take it with us. STRESS FREE!!! No worrying about overcooking the turkey! Then we do a nice Christmas dinner at home. Love the holidays!

  7. THanks for the giveaway.. I am new to this and love your blog!

    Our Christmas is kinda busy.. Christmas eve is spent with my husbands family (all 65 of them).Big meal, opening presents and singing around the christmas tree at Me-ma's. Then on Christmas morning it is just our crew of 7 (compared to 65 that isn't much). We share stories and prayers,enjoy a delicious breakfast and open "socks". THen in the evening my family comes over and we play games and have a "family night". All in all we enjoy each other and the true meaning of Christmas. Last year we left for Minn. for 6 months for my sons Bone marrow transplant so we didn't offically celebrate Christmas. We are home this year and have much to celebrate!! e-mail:

  8. with a 1yo and a 3yo we are only just starting to build our own family traditions. there are some that i grew up with that i love - and hope to keep going...driving around on christmas eve and looking at christmas lights, and dragging everyone's stocking to the master bedroom to open in the wee hours of the morning on christmas day. i'm not sure how we're going to incorporate extended family this year (grandparents, uncles, aunts) but i think since we are the only ones with little kids that we might have to start a drop-in tradition at our house...maybe a Christmas Day potluck...

  9. We have a small family, but we do holidays together...we open gifts Christmas Eve at my parent's and then Christmas morning at our house. Followed by Christmas breakfast that is the same thing every year!
    We celebrate with my husband's family another weekend usually early in Dec. We don't have to travel thankfully!

  10. Hello!
    Okay, we're a Filipino family so we usually have a Christmas Eve frenzy. Food and get-togethers are usually on the eve, including opening of presents. But since we don't have much family here in the states, we usually spend Christmas all by ourselves at home.

    We did start the kiddos with the socks-and morning-surprise (sort of) tradition last year. We have them hang just small socks for each and they get little surprises in the morning during the weeks before Christmas.

    We either put candies or little $1 toys inside and tell them each time they get their goodies that God wanted to remind them that Christmas is all about Jesus and giving glory to Him by being good.

    We might travel if we have something planned with either relatives or friends in another city. But for the most part, we all just stay home and cuddle each other on Christmas morning. :)

  11. One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is putting funny clues on our gift tags. It's lots of fun to come up with something that is a genuine clue to what's inside, but not too obvious. Good puns are part of the gift!

  12. Holidays are stressful for us but so much fun. In order to see both sides of the family we spend five days in St. Louis, MO and see my family for Christmas then head to Cabo Mexico to see my husband's family. The driving from WI to MO, then back to WI, get a plane to Mexico and then plane back to WI is A LOT with two small children. But it is always great to see everybody and it is the only time of year that we see some of them!
    Great toy! Thanks for the chance.

  13. My favorite holiday tradition is making cranberry sauce with my Mom and brother on Thanksgiving much fun! We love to ooh and ahh over it like we're 8 again. I'm definitely looking forward to creating some more traditions with Grant!

  14. What is one of your Holiday Traditions?-Reading the Christmas story out of the Bible
    Do you have big family meals? most times no
    Open gifts Christmas Eve? YES!!!!
    Do you travel?NO!!!!
    Stay home? visit grandparents

  15. Not sure if this giveaway is over yet... My favorite holiday tradition is the nap after the big meal! lol

  16. Family, Fun, Food!

    laughwithusblog at yahoo dot com

  17. Oooooh, pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!!!

    (PS...Live Chat. My Community. Monday Night. Be there, or be somewhere else, I suppose.) ;)

  18. What is one of your Holiday Traditions? - All the females in our family go crazy early Black Friday Shopping every year. We map out our routes as early as the Black Friday ads will allow. We carry 2way radios, wear fuzzy hats, and laugh the morning away! After endless hours of great deal grabbing, we join up with the testosterone for breakfast!
    Do you have big family meals?- We do multiple big family meals. In 2 of the family meals, we have close to 30 people each, and then one is a bit smaller with only about 15 people.
    Open gifts Christmas Eve? - We also open new (but washed) jammies to sleep in on the Eve!
    Do you travel? - We always travel. Morning at our house, lunch with my parents, and at some point find time to drive to Florida to visit the in-laws. Stay home? We love our families very much, and although staying home would be less stressful, it would also be very depressing, because they wouldn't be with us.

    New reader as of today, and I love your blog.

  19. I have never had a relationship with my fathers side, and lived with my maternal grandparents and mom when I was growing up. There were six of us living their from three generations. My grandmother would start watching Christmas movies in July because she had so many. I could never recreate the memories and traditions that I have from living their. Every year we would decorate the whole house in side and out. My mom and aunt would take my sister and I to the mall to see Santa. On Christmas Eve we would get to open one present, a shared one to my sister and I. She would always give us something like a video or Barbie, not clothes. When we woke up we would have sausage biscuits, and wait for the rest of the family to get there. My uncle and his wife (a very dear aunt who people can not tell we are not blood and have to ask which I am related to ie is that your aunt or your uncle?) lived about 2o minutes away. Then the kids who could read would pass out the presents, the adults would start opening their presents while we were still passing them out. I loved it when my grandmother would hide little presents in the tree. One year they bought me a Sega Genesis and made me go on a scavenger hunt through the house. My favorite part of Christmas was not the presents, but going out looking at lights with my grandparents after Christmas Eve service. Burl Ives on the radio, a milkshake, candy canes, and alone time where we got to talk about anything and everything.

    Metro Mommy

  20. For the holidays my husband's family always has a big party, so I bake lots for that...They live in town so we don't travel! Our holidays are always pretty typical though, open presents, eat, give thanks. Enjoy each other's company :)

  21. We Holidays at my house and all the family comes, we open gifts on Christmas Eve, so some can go to in-laws on Christmas Day.


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