Monday, November 1, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

My weekend was a two day Halloween Extravaganza.  Literally.

After I left work Saturday, my nephews joined us for a "Cousins Halloween Sleepover".  This was an exciting event.  It involved pizza and most importantly, Haunted Halloween Gingerbread Houses.
We began with pre-assembly (have I mentioned the importance of making life easy?  Have you ever witnessed a child attempting gingerbread house construction?)
We gave every munchkin their own bowl overflowing with cavity inducing candies and their own icing.  This keeps the cringing at bay when every munchkin is licking, tasting and coughing all over the candies.  Let me add that even after all the Halloween candy I indulged in over the weekend this still looks appetizing.  I have issues.
Once the table was set, Haunted House mania ensued.
When all was said and frosted, we had a small village of very Haunted Halloween houses and five cousins high on sugar.
Sunday began with the Gymnastics Queen hosting a cousins techno dance party at 6am.  Tao Cruz never sounded more lovely.  The barbie CD player has come kick.   

While we live outside of town, on a country road, we have friends with neighbors.  Lots of neighbors.  This makes for a very fun evening trick-or-treating.  It also makes for excellent candy burning exercise.

And so after a cold Diet Coke for me and a shot for Hubby, we were ready to embark on another year of trick-or-treating with our munchkins.
The big kids move rather quickly when there is candy acquisition involved.

LLG was another story.  With his vision slightly hindered by a frightening werewolf mask, and his just five year old legs, he couldn't keep up.  Hubby had to balance a beer so I graciously offered my Mommy services and carried him some of the way.  Which I secretly loved because he was once again my little boy, and not my boy who is growing up way too fast.
The Gymnastics Queen, while usually forced to make due and play with boys, had one of her friends along.  They were also kind enough to slow their pace for the tiny Werewolf trailing behind. 
One of the highlights of the evening was Moopa making her trick-or-treating debut.  She hit all of two houses.
We had a wonderful Halloween.  As I begin "Operation Halloween Decoration Take Down", I have visions of Sugar Plums dancing in my head.  The holidays are upon us, and I couldn't be more excited.  Hope you all had a kick butt Halloween!  I know we did.


  1. Looks like you had a successful Halloween :) Love the pics!!

  2. What fun! I love the haunted gingerbread house idea! Coming to you from SITS Halloween Linky Parade!

  3. cute pictures!

    So I think we must be long lost sisters or something- I just noticed your "Disney tips" tab- my parents took us to Disney every year as a kid too- and we (my husband and I) have vowed to take our kids once a year as well. We've stuck to it so far (although my daughter is only 3! :) Our next disney vacay is in March- we got the free dining plan with a 5 night stay :) SO excited!!! If you search Disney on my blog... uhhhh you'll find a LOT of posts! haha :)

  4. Oh, you just made me all excited for Christmas!! You are totally right...Halloween marks the start of the "Holidays"!

    Your kiddos are adorable! Too cute...


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