Monday, November 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

I realize I am doing some rather erratic posting lately...there is no real subject involved and my thoughts jump from one topic to the next without warning.

This is me in real life.  I can hide it no longer.  I am queen of start a sentence, and then.....

You get the picture. Hubby is left hanging on my last word as my mind trails off to oblivion.  He patiently waits a few moments before asking if I am going to finish what I was saying.

Where was I?

Tonight I needed to hit up Toys R Us because the last time I was there I didn't have my coupon.  My coupon was for a $10 gift card if I spent $75 or more.  I spent $220.

Needless to say I was sour I didn't get my gift card.

So I spent $10 in gas to drive back there today.

Since my trip to Toys R Us had to be after school hours, and we try to stick together if possible on nights where no activities are scheduled, we decided we ALL would go.

We decided to add in dinner with the kids.

At a restaurant.

Where people must behave in a semi-civilized manner.

Moopa doesn't speak semi-civilized.  She speaks laugh, scream, throw toys, "hello", "bye bye", "baby" and "Spongebob".

The second we were loaded into the boat we drive I was praying for a painless excursion.  I was a little apprehensive.  Tempted to abandon ship and hit up the pajamas. 

I kept my eyes on the prize.  A $10 gift card.  And time with the circus I love so dearly. 

Our first stop was Toys R Us.  While Hubby walked the munchkins around and let then drool over all the toys they never knew existed, I retrieved my much deserved gift card.

We then let each munchkin browse their "section" in search of any toys they may want to add to their list for Santa.  I must add here that Toys R Us is equivalent to a vacation to my munchkins.  They have step foot in that store a handful of times.  And never with me.  This is a grandparent place.  I don't punish myself and take the munchkins to stores full of things I refuse to buy.

We forewarned before entering Toys R Us we WERE NOT BUYING anything.  The munchkins knew the drill.  No buying, only wishing.

We make unnecessary toy purchases only three times a year.  Easter, birthdays and Christmas.  The wallet can't handle anything else.  One trip for a small "treat"  turns into an $80-$100 excursion because everything is multiplied x4.  Mind boggling.  And expensive.

We left Toys R Us when Moopa decided it was squiggle to a stand in cart time.  The munchkins each had added one more item to their list for Santa.  Bless their little hearts.

We were off to face the restaurant.  We went upscale and hit Applebees.

The hostess had our number at "Welcome to Applebees".  She sat us in the corner.  In a booth.  Away from other patrons.

And miraculously, aside from yell-speak, the official language of my munchkins, and LLG sprawling out in the booth exclaiming he could sleep there, dinner was painless.

To top off an awesome evening out we had coupons for free kid's meals.  Hallelujah!  The munchkins each picked their own meal.  No sharing.  No "we need an extra plate". What super cool parents we were.

We ended our evening of being super cool parents with a trip to the football field for equipment return.  I was positive everything was packed in the bag for return.  I washed, folded and placed in bag.

Three things were missing.

Super cool was so short lived.

Back to the field tomorrow.  Oh, and we came home to a mouse in the garage.  Lovely.  Not.  I hate critters, and I hate their terds even more.

Let the mouse battle begin.

Thankfulness footnote:  Today I am thankful for coupons.  They make life for big families so much more affordable.  They make dinners out possible.  Praise the heavenly coupon.

I am also thankful for my friends.  My daytime chats (every Mom knows chat hours are 8am-4pm, or after 10pm) with my Mama friends are sanity savers.  Thanks Mommy friends.  And blog Mommy friends.  The Mommy Club is entered only through becoming a Mommy.  Battle scars, puke, poop, tantrums, snuggles, smiles and all.  Mommy friends get it.  They rock.  Thanks to my Mommy friends.

Random Picture time!  The circus on Thanksgiving, 4 short years ago.  How time flies!


  1. Now that's a good evening. It is always awesome to go out without any major drama. Top it off with freebies. Such joy. Have a great week!

  2. Jodi, I love your makes me laugh and that's a good thing since I'm usually reading it while the kids are screaming and fighting and Dave has fled to the downstairs to "go to the bathroom" for at least 2 hours. So...thanks!!

  3. AHHHH...we hit up toys r us on sunday while we let daddy get a few extra hours of sleep. CRAZINESS...and kayla does the "jump out of the cart" thing too - I think her and the moopa are soul sisters.

  4. I'm erratic too, though I prefer to call it random :)

  5. I positively love reading your posts. You crack me up and I can totally relate as a parent of 4 children, ages 10, 6, 5, and 4. Toys R Us is a forbidden pleasure my wee ones only get to experience with my child-less sisters or a grandparent. Darling family!!!


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