Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Smorgasbord

Today's post is a smorgasbord of blogging bits.

Does that even make sense?

It's late.  I'm tired.  I'm working tomorrow.  Then I'm watching football.

I have a new blog, MommyViews.  This blog is reviews of parent related products.  Check it out!  My first post is about a new children's beverage, KIDStrong Hydration Drinks.  As a Mommy, new foods and beverages aimed at my munchkins are high on my list of things to educate myself about.  I urge you to check out my thoughts on this new beverage!

I promised every post until Thanksgiving will have a few things I'm thankful for.  Tonight I'm thankful for my bed.
 It's big, soft, fluffy and warm.  I love this bed.  It's heavenly.  It's the kind of bed that makes waking up in the dead of winter almost impossible.

Not to worry, my munchkins do the trick.  They would never let me or Hubby sleep past 8am.  Man do they know how to get us out of bed.  It involves a lot of noise and pleading for food.

I'm also Thankful for my job.  Despite it's very low hourly wages, the atmosphere is pleasant, my co-workers are nice and I get a great discount. 

I'm thankful for my pay check when the Gymnastics bill is due.  Hubby is as well.

Did I mention how thankful I am for Hubby?  He puts up with me one week of every month when I can't even stand myself.  It's unfortunate but true.  Thanks Hubby.  He also keeps the house clean when I'm at work.  He will never know how much that means to a clean OCD freak like myself.
 Now onto my Sunday Blog Hops.  These are fun, easy ways to cruise other blogs.  I never fail to find at least one I love.

Shibley Smiles Sunday Blog Hop


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  2. Wow, what a lovely bunch you got there. I suddenly miss having a big family. The fun, the raucous, the big love. Have a great week!

  3. Such a good idea to be thankful for more than just one day. And a good list of things to be thankful for!!

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  9. This is a terrific post. It will give folks a chance to reflect on what they are thankful for.

  10. I love the fact that you are thankful for a lot of things.

    Also your bed looks very inviting.

    Marie from Blogfrog

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