Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wish List Fun for Everyone

Around this time of year, we begin the long, exciting process of "Christmas List Composition".  Year after year, I sit with my munchkins in the weeks before Christmas and we "wish".

Every time a new toy magazine arrives they wait their turn (sometimes not so patiently) to peek through and circle their wishes.  They wish, and wish and wish.  I love the wishing process because the house is quiet with concentration.  I love any activity that quiets the house.  Peace.

And since I have yet to successfully grow a money tree in our backyard, the munchkins don't receive unless it's their birthday or a major holiday.  This makes wishing oh-so much fun.  The possibilities are endless.
The wishing tradition began with my parents, when they would purchase each of their six children their own Sears Wish Book.  We sat for weeks searching through our wish books and perfecting our lists for Santa.  The excitement when those books finally arrived can not be put in to "big person" words.  Only a munchkin could ever understand.
As Thanksgiving approaches, and sales begin, I can get a little head start on these "wishes".  Purchasing Christmas gifts and delegating gift assignments is like rocket science around here.  Grandparents, uncles, aunts and Santa all need to have their assignments straight or the weeks after Christmas are return misery.

Thus the need for Wish Lists before Thanksgiving.

Mommyhood does have a stance on wishing.  My munchkins must be selective when it is time to write out the list.  They ask for what they want so badly they can't wait to see if the Elves hammered it together in their workshop.  There are millions of children that Santa needs to visit, and the elves can only make each child so many gifts.  Therefore, if you ask for 50, and the elves have to decide what to make, they may choose the 10 you want the least. 

So choose wisely.

My Mommyhood Wish List Tip for young munchkins is simple: Cut and Paste.
Cutting and pasting works fine motor skills, and helps my munchkins to feel as though they can express themselves clearly.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  This is very true for Wish Lists.  And when there are pictures, item #'s and prices in the picture, "wish delegation" is uber easy.

Although prices and item #'s may not survive the cutting process.  Which is usually the case here. 
Cutting and pasting gives my younger munchkins independence.  My older munchkins write the list out the old fashioned way.  We keep it easy.

I love easy.  And I truly love wishing.  Brings back the memories and it makes for very happy, excited munchkins.

Bring on the wish books!


  1. What a great wish making post! I love the cut and paste idea. My son is only 22 months old, so he doesn't get it yet, but I can't wait until he does. The toy catalogs have started arriving and I'm circling everything I want to get for him. Haha! Next year though I'm definitely teaching him the cut and paste wish list method :)

  2. This is a great idea. My daughter is only 2 and the wish list not a concept she understands. She only understands "Mommy, buy me dat". LOL But cutting out the pictures and making a list is definitely something we can start to use down the road. It will be helpful to her grandmother too who is always stumped as to what to buy.

    P.S. Found you on the Blog Frog.

  3. LOVE the cut and paste...perfect for my boys who are loving the toy books, but they want everything....

  4. This is perfect to teach my kids how to use scissors AND help the grandparents. Glad I found you on blogfrog! Happy new follower here!


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