Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: My Year in Pictures

I always marvel at how each year goes faster than the year before. 

I remember after having my first baby, how time moved slowly.  I absorbed every detail of his life.  There was time to make baby books and have playdates. 

I even had time to talk to Hubby. 

But with each munchkin life has gotten more complicated. 

More busy. 

More full.

Here I am, four munchkins deep, and years are passing in the blink of an eye. 

Time truly does fly when you are having fun. 

Without further ado, a random picture from each month of 2010.  My year in 12 pictures.

The Moopa is Baptized.
Major snow storm.  No power.  Risked lives driving to my mom and dad's. Stayed 3 days until we broke down and bought generator.  Turned generator on and power came back.  Can't return $600 generator.  Anyone want to buy a generator?
Disney. Heaven. Food. Kids happy and smiling. Me happy and smiling. No money left but we're all happy and smiling.
Egg Hunt! Run munchkins! RUN!  Find the golden egg for a super cheesy prize!
Visiting dearest friends, my Munchkins experienced their 1st boat ride.  Life is all about new experiences.  LLG looks like he begs to differ.
LLG's Preschool Graduation.  Sniff Sniff.
While at the beach, the Sports Fanatic Wins his 1st Boardwalk Game.  He threw footballs into moving tires.  I told Hubby maybe he should throw them in case.  My Sports Fanatic nailed all three. I will never doubt his boardwalk game skill again.
Ice Cream for lunch!  I'm so cool!  Really I just wanted ice cream. No cool Mom involved.
Dreams come true.  Hard work is rewarded.  Lessons are learned.  My Sports Fanatic starts as Quarterback after 2 years of playing "on the line".
Football games get old real fast when you're 1.
Football season ends with Game 1 of the playoffs.  More lessons are learned.
The Gymnastics Queen wins her 1st gold.  A wonderful moment.  An expensive moment.  I see my part time job funding her training lasting an eternity.  I will run returns and fold baby clothes until the end of time.  By the way, would you be interested in opening a charge?  I can save you 15% today...
This was so much fun I think I'll add one more....let me browse my hard drive....
Hey, my invitation to Cold Stone gets hungry too.


  1. Love all the pics!! Amazing how much stuff gets accomplished in 12 mos!! AND look at Moopa in the first pic compared the the last pic. She has grown SO much!!

  2. Great pictures!!Loved them! Isn't it funny how time goes soooo slow with a newborn?


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