Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Question Friday!

I love 5 Question Friday.  Takes all the work out of blogging.  A one day blogging vacation.  I just copy, paste and answer. 

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Here it goes...I'm pasting...

As usual I haven't previewed the questions....

What am I about to reveal?

Mama M's 5 Question Friday

1. What's on the top of your holiday wish list and why?!
I never put much thought into my list...I am too concerned with finding everything I need off my munchkins' lists.  If I had a list...let me think for a hot minute...

if I had a list the top item would be park tickets to Disney World.  After that would be a box full of Lucky Brand Clothes. 

And I hate to harp on this but I've asked for the money tree three years straight...WTF Santa?

2. What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past?

Let me think on this one.  Many Christmases to filter through...and my parents ALWAYS did Christmas BIG.  They are the most generous parents on Earth.  They lived for the magic of Christmas. 

I would say recent years was my Ipod Nano (I didn't even know what it was when I got it...that's how cool I am) and my first pair of UGG Bootsa few years ago.  Those UGG Boots paved the way for my current unsexy, ubercasual "match everything to my UGGS and go" style.  I have UGGS to match every outfit in my closet.

Man I'm hot.

Stay back or you may get burned by my hotness.

3. If you had life to do over, what would you be when you grow up?

Exactly what I am now.  An ultra hot, UGG wearing, shower cap adoring Mama to four incredible munchkins.

Oh, and maybe a teacher in my extra time. 

4. When do you put up your tree? 

Last Saturday if it were up to me.  My preference is Thanksgiving weekend.  The Christmas Season is too short for my taste.  I need to maximize every minute. Tree needs to up and enjoyed for as many days as possible.

Unfortunately I had to work and there were many commitments last weekend. 

We are getting our tree today.  Can't wait.

Maybe this year our tree will stay up without being wired to the wall.  Although the tree-crashing fiasco that was last December was quite entertaining.

But many ornaments were lost.  There were men down everywhere.  They will be missed.

5. What is your favorite Holiday?

Christmas. 200% my favorite.  Let me say this so you really understand.  I love Christmas infinity x infinity.

The love, music, food, baking, decorating, believing, wishing, shopping, celebrating, movies, gatherings and worshipping fill my soul.  There is so much magic in Christmas.  The excitement in my munchkins is priceless, and their innocence is inspiring.  There is nothing like Christmas Morning with my family to remind me of why I am crazy enough to have four munchkins.

Holidays are fabulous, and Christmas is the big kahuna. 

Random Picture from my computer time:
 Last Year's Christmas Card!  



  1. UGGs are hot. No shame in owning a pair to go with every outfit. =)

  2. How far in advance do you take your Christmas card photo? Just curious...mainly because my 4 kids (age 18 months to 7 yo) would NEVER sit like that. I had to do the photo "collage" bit last year and I'm planning to again as well although we may use a Disney photo from our most recent trip (which is how I found your blog, BTW).

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