Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Blizzard and a Breadmaker

Today was a snowed in, clean the house and bake bread day.

With a blizzard outside my windows it seemed like the perfect day to make bread. 

As if we needed any more food we shouldn't be eating around here.

Two years ago, I begged Hubby for a breadmaker for Christmas.  I just HAD to have one.  I imagined waking to fresh bread every morning and enjoying french baguettes with dinner every night.  I imagined munchkins in freshly ironed clothes and birds singing outside my windows.

Fast forward to the present. 

Here is the breadmaker I just HAD to have. Here is the breadmaker that was going to iron clothes and make birds sing.

Check out the dust on top.  Nasty. 
This morning I stood over this rusty, ignored Cuisinart and decided to bake Cinnamon Swirl Bread. 

After the ingredients were loaded into the Cuisinart, the munchkins begged to play in the snow.  Preparing 3 munchkins to play in snow is just about as enjoyable as sticking needles in my eyes.

But watching them play in snow never ceases to make me smile.

How on Earth they can stand to play outside when the temperature is a toasty 10 degrees in beyond me.  One of the many wonders of childhood.

After approximately four hours in the Cuisinart, my Cinnamon Bread was ready to be devoured. 
I devoured some while gazing at the majestic landscape and crazy munchkins outside my kitchen window. 

An unwritten law is that if you bake Cinnamon Bread, you must enjoy a slice while it is still warm.

Gazing at majestic landscapes and crazy munchkins is optional.

A few hours later, in an effort to rid my kitchen of the cinnamon bread, I offered to make french toast for dinner.  I could no longer continue to slice and ingest fresh cinnamon bread.  I had to act fast before I ate the while loaf.

Here is my recipe for French Toast.

And here is photographic evidence of this Domestic Goddess preparing french toast for her family on homemade Cinnamon Swirl Bread.

Man did I feel like a "Martha Stewart-y" rock star.
This french toast was so delicious it wasn't even right.  I had no business preparing such a meal when the house is already crawling with leftovers and sinful desserts.

But I'm such an overachiever.  I can't help myself.  I beg you to make breakfast for dinner tonight.  And if you're feeling like a Domestic Goddess make french toast on homemade bread.

And then don't make bread again for two years. 

Mommyhood Footnote:  If you don't have a breadmaker, you could make bread the pre-Cuisinart way.  One of my very first posts on this blog was homemade Cinnamon Bread sans breadmaker.  I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman. 


  1. Ohhh! I have been wanting a bread maker!! And yup, it's an unwritten law, it look so delicious!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  2. Ha, Ha, I am really hoping that doesn't happen with the panini maker we just got for Christmas!! That bread looks scrumptious and great snow pics too.

  3. Oh my gosh - I love The Pioneer Woman! I have used several of their recipes in the past.

    I am already a follower of yours...in an effort to get with the Tuesday blog hops, I actually posted the Monday blog hop links. Found your were a featured blog and that I do already follow you.

    The Cinnamon Bread does look sinful and you are right...making it in to french bread is beautiful!

    Ha, ha and I have to agree with your comments on getting 3 kids dressed to go out in the snow. It does amaze me though on how unaffected they are always by the cold!

    Have a great day!


  4. If you keep writing these types of posts, I may be forced to buy some larger belts. Just sayin...


    twitter: @claylauren2001


  5. Thank you as well for your comment on my blog. I will have to change my blog theme soon since the Christmas scene will soon look a little silly! :-)

    How very appropriate that Jodie is the 400th follower on Jodi's blog!

    Take care,

  6. Yum, that french toast looks TO DIE FOR. I love your comment about dressing the kids for the snow.

    Do you happen to have a bread machine recipe for the bread?

  7. Stopped by to follow your blog from the Family Friendly Frugality blog hop... do comment/follow me back :-)
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!
    Positive Kismet Blog

  8. MMMMMMMMM that bread looks amazing!

    micah @ LittlePinkDesigns.com

  9. Oh yum, that looks incredible! The kids look like they had a blast too!

  10. I made French toast today... I need to make it with homemade bread tomorrow.. with the homemade bread I made today.

  11. Breakfast for dinner = my favorite meal! I have a bread machine...and I'm NOT afraid to use it! I actually use it at least a couple of times a month. I just found the most awesome foccacia bread recipe for it - if you like that sort of thing I'll send you the link.

    Now, did you just tweak it from the Pioneer Woman's recipe for your bread machine or did you post a specific recipe for the machine? I love cinnamon bread. And french toast. I think I need help.


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