Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cards Piling Up? Mommyhood's Christmas Card Garland

I admit the concept of a "Christmas Card Garland" is not from my Mommy Brain.  I have seen many variations of this in many magazines over the years.

The difference between my garland and every other garland I have ever seen?

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

Three of my favorite words.

Find a doorway near to your Christmas tree, and find a colorful Christmas ribbon.

Ribbon should be at least 2" wide.  Preferably more.

Hang ribbon in doorway, bowing ribbon over each nail.

Make certain there is at least a few feet of slack on either side of doorway.

Staple cards as they arrive, slowly adding to your Christmas Card Garland.
The coolest part of this garland?  On Christmas morning, as you celebrate and exchange gifts, you will be surrounded by friends and family.  Love will be all around you.  Are you feeling mushy yet?

Yes I am a total cornball.

If my mushy explanation of why you need to make a Christmas Card Garland didn't do it for you, I have another garland perk.

I'm such a saleslady.  Here's my pitch....

Your counters will be clean and clutter free.  Score! (Yes, I know you have a pile of Christmas cards somewhere in your kitchen.) 

Mommyhood loves keepin' it simple, easy, cheap and clean.

Love it.

Happy Sunday!

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