Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Caught Santa Photo GIVEAWAY!


Before I begin my I love Christmas rant, here is the site for the Giveaway: I Caught Santa.  This could be your picture!  Of YOUR living room! 
Now, for my rant about why I am so excited about this giveaway....

I love Christmas.

Let me say this again, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

My outside decorations go up before Thanksgiving, to ensure we come home to a house full of lights after we have stuffed our faces with turkey and pie.

We have an Elf who resides in our home.

We send Santa mail.  

I bake just about every day of the Christmas season.

I shop, return, shop, return.  This cycle continues until Christmas Eve.

We talk about Jesus.  We give to charities.

Christmas is magical around here.  I have four munchkins who only receive toys and video games on their birthdays or Christmas (with few "Grandma Outing" exceptions).  There is lots of wishing in our house.  The anticipation of what Santa may bring after a year of waiting for big new toys is enough to make my munchkins puke.

Magic.  Pure magic.

While many may play down Santa, which I understand, I love the imagination that comes with believing in Santa.  The innocence.

My munchkins can recite the ENTIRE Christmas Story, just as they can tell you who hung on the crosses on either side of Jesus when he died. 

I see no harm in making Christmas big.  And making Jesus big.  I love it all.

Loving it all makes this giveaway pure excitement to me.  This giveaway runs until the 23rd.  At which time the winners will announced, and they can use their codes to show their munchkins the man in red.  Caught.  In the act.

I'm so excited!!  I feel like a kid in a candy store!


I have FIVE codes for a free I Caught Santa photo.
If I only receive 5 comments, you ALL win!

To be entered, answer this question:

What is Santa bringing this year?  For you?  Your children?  Comment with an answer below to be entered to win!

On the 23rd, I will use to generate 5 winners.  These winners can then "WOW" their munchkins with a photo of the man in red, delivering to their house! My favorite part is that if you upload and design the photo, you can have it ready Christmas morning!  These are print at home OR pick up in store.  Easy and awesome.



  1. Jodi,

    Santa is bringing my middle child "super powers". It's all that she asked for. She wants to walk through walls, be invisible and have the ability to fly". It's a tall order but I think he can manage it. My oldest is a bit more practical, she wants Tony Hawks Ripped. The boy? Well, all he want sis cars, cars and more cars. As for myself well, I have faith in my husband. After working all these years in retail and watching one guy after the other purchase slipper socks and granny nightgowns for their wives he has learned from their mistakes. I am always happy and never disappointed. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Santa is bringing my daughter a play kitchen...I am excited because my daughter is 2 and the magic of Santa is getting more fun every year.

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  3. Oooh... I am sooo excited about Christmas! We love it too! This year, my 6 yr old son, was sooo precious. We are also on a tight budget, and presents are rare. This year, for his birthday, he received a total of $60 in birthday money. Thanks to Financial Peace, Jr., he has learned to give and save his money, rather than spending it right away. Well, he saved all his birthday money. One night, he came to me with his letter to Santa, requesting a Nintendo DSi XL, Mario 25 Anniversary Edition. He had copied the letters out of the Target Toy Book, and had drawn a picture of the DSi. Down at the very bottom of his letter, he had written a 60. I asked him what it was for, and he said that he knew that a DS was a really big gift, so he was sending his $60 to Santa to help pay for it. My heart swelled with pride for my son. He is learning financial responsibility, and was willing to part with his money for something he really wanted. So, Santa scrimped and saved, and used some giftcards to make sure that a good little boy will get his DS. I can't wait until Christmas morning to see his face when he sees that Santa made good on their deal!

  4. My 6 year old daughter has asked Santa for anything horse related since she loves to ride. So, he's bringing her some horse toys and games, some horse riding clothing and accessories, and a tack box for her to put her things in at the barn where she rides. As for me and my husband, we really don't need anything, so we pretty much just get each other a couple of small surprises. Don't tell him, but he's getting the complete series set of The Andy Griffith's his favorite!


  5. This year my son and oldest daughter asked for DS games. My three year old daughter asked Santa for a cat in a cage and a dog in a cage. I asked for a new sweeper! One day while doing our homeschooling my 3 year old comes running in the kitchen saying, "Mommy, daddy got you a sweeper!" We laughed and laughed. My husband is all about the KC Chiefs so he is getting KC gear.

    Thanks, Cara in Mew Mexico

  6. Ok so I am the tie breaker here! LOL! I WANT THIS! So bad I just found this out and cant afford to buy it so I NEED to win this!

    The miracle of Christmas has been led into our lives. My kids really wanted just simple things books, snow boots and more. But with 5 kids it really tight and so not more than a week ago a group of college students came by dropping off Santa gifts to our kids. They got bikes and games and clothes! Santa and the miracle of christmas has been to our house and answered my letter to Santa!

    I would love this!


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