Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Minivan Envy

I have a serious case of minivan envy.

Look at this beauty.  She's gorgeous.  I want her to drive right out of this screen and into my driveway.

My SUV is a beast.  Simply beastly.  She commands the right of way on the road.

The upside of driving a gigantic SUV is that I feel safe.  It's also convenient in the northeast.  Winters here can be quite nasty.

Let me rephrase.  MOST winters here are quite nasty.
The downside of a gigantic SUV (aside from hideous gas mileage) is getting four munchkins loaded into it.

Loading my four kids into our car burns as many calories as thirty minutes of Jillian Michaels.  There is no more intense Mommy Sweat on this planet.

Lifting Moopa into her seat in subzero temperatures really works those arms.  And balancing myself on a running board while trying to buckle her in is killer for the core. 

And loading them in is just the beginning.

Once inside, we have to buckle seatbelts.  And find DS games. 

There are days I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.

So tonight, as I lay in my warm bed, I'm dreaming of a shiny new minivan.  A minivan that munchkins can load into with a running start because the door magically slides open with the touch of a button.

I'm dreaming of a vehicle that has the kind of interior space that allows me to walk to the back and reprimand nutcases with ease.  

Oh yes I have minivan envy. 

I never in my life thought I would speak (rather type) those words.  Minivans are cheesy.  Totally uncool.  I was "never" going to drive one.

Wait, I already have driven one.  We traded it in for our current beast.

I was in heaven.  A fully loaded gas guzzling, four wheel drive SUV.  Everything I ever wanted. 

Minivan no longer!  Never again! 

And here I am pricing one out.

I have issues.
But I fully admit, that if I didn't fear sliding off the road every winter in the frigid northeast, I'd be cruising in a new 2011 minivan.

No doubt.

To every minivan driving Mommy out there, I admire you.

Rock that van.

Footnote:  I may not be in a warm bed much longer.  My heat is making scary "I'm out of oil" noises.  And it's a balmy 26 degrees outside.  Forget about pricing out a minivan.  Time to price out some oil.



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  2. UGH - my heater was making those noises last night. then the oil truck showed up at about 5am to deliver some oil...along with a $700 bill. awesome.

  3. Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Train!

  4. Found your blog through the Tuesday Train. I'm totally in agreement with you about the minivan (and I don't have to worry about terrible roads). Now if only I can convince my husband...

    New follower! :-)

  5. Can't do the minivan, just can't. I wish I didn't care because it does look really convenient!

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  8. and no.. I can't do a minivan. No matter how cool they are starting to look.

  9. I'm really into this, too! hehe... I love the idea of kiddos running (and getting INTO the minivan) without having me do my core workout. But then again, I guess I'll settle for our good old Envoy these days... it may help me burn some of the calories I've been stacking up since the holidays kicked in. whew!


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